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Watch Uly cut his hair in the ‘That’s No Way To Fly’ video

Watch Uly cut his hair in the ‘That’s No Way To Fly’ video

Uly - that's no way to fly (MV)

The Dublin artist Rafino Murphy AKA Uly has cultivated a strand of lo-fi jazz-funk and slacker soul that has a charm all of its own.

Last year, following the stunning lo-fly funk of ‘Redlight’ and tracks like ‘Mama’ and ‘Pak It In’, Uly dropped the intimate finger-picked track ‘That’s No Way To Fly’, a song written after a bout of writer’s block.

That song, now has a video by Greg Purcell of Collective Films and assistant directed by Georgia Kelly.

Echoing the song’s personal nature, the video is a vulnerable portrait of the artist, as he shaves his head in reverse.

“Greg and I had been floating ideas for the video for a long time,” Uly says, “but the one element that always stuck was to strip back the narrative, and have me more exposed. The song has always been dreamlike, and we wanted to reflect the intangible state of the track in the visuals.”

“I wanted a change, and so I decided I was going to cut all my hair off. The song represents breaking away from normal routine, and was born out of a different approach to writing music. So by extension the video is about shedding whatever dead weight, whatever personal histories you might be carrying at any one time, and attempting to make something new out of it.”

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Uly started a label called andfriends records that released records from Ev Carm and Adam Garrett this year.