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Watch Voids’ ‘Knowing’ video and hear their murky Begin EP

Watch Voids’ ‘Knowing’ video and hear their murky Begin EP


On Monday, I introduced you to new music from Voids. If you weren’t familiar with the Galway duo before, ‘Begin’ is a good intro. I described it as having “a coldwave atmosphere, icy vocals juxtapose against warm bass notes (bass guitar is the band’s primary instrument) over six unfolding minutes.”

Today, the titular EP is released by High Fly Society through Bandcamp. Along with remixes from SertOne, Night Faces, Lewis James, Edleigh and Iglooghost, the collection’s other four original tunes sink deeper into a gummy mire, with hypnotic mantric vocals pierced by bass guitar-lead arrangements with a heavy pervasive atmosphere. Watch that atmosphere come to life in the video for ‘Knowing’ by Ferg Brennan, shot by Luke Daly.

VOIDS - Knowing

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