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Watch this beaut of a video for We Cut Corners ‘Of Whatever’

We Cut Corners’ ‘Of Whatever’ from new album The Cadences of Others addresses Irish society’s apathetic disposition and how we are able to shake off what is happening around us. We shrug and go back to talking about Trump – a faraway demon as opposed to a local one.

The video for the song by Jon Hozier-Byrne features Megan O’Malley peaceful in a slumber until she’s suddenly engulfed by water and begins to drown – a sudden shock in a blissfully unaware state.

“There’s an outage of outrage and a wave of whatever is sweeping the nation.”

We Cut Corners’ John Duignan says” “The idea of ‘sleeping through’ the pivotal moments of your life is the ultimate expression of apathy, the major theme underpinning the song. The Klimtian tableaus that build toward the nightmarish denouement make for a most fitting visual foil to our favourite song on the new record.”

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