Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival returns to Camden Street this week to brighten up January with over 50 Irish new bands playing in 3 venues from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th January in Whelan’s and The Village venues. Tickets are €5 per day or just €10 for four nights (with a free pint thrown in).

The announced bands so far per day is below. Here’s the Facebook link with stage times and I created a Soundcloud set for each day too:

Wednesday 9th Jan (Mostly folk and indie):

Mossy Nolan, Sorcha Richardson, Alpaca Jamboree, Boat To Row, The Eskies, Sons of Caliber, Cry Monster Cry, Ria Czerniak, Tara Stewart, Rufus Coates & TBT, Twin Headed Wolf, Autumn Owls, Red Sail

Thursday 10th Jan: (Rock/indie)

Guilty Optics, Cave Ghosts,  Hunk, Twin Terrace, Percolator, Blind Yackety, Girl Band, Fern Floor, Hidden Highways, Soil Creep, Ginnels, Magic Pockets, Windings.

Friday 11th Jan (Alternative/ pop)

Wiltz, Dott, Cat Dowling, Gangs,  Bantum,  Biggles Flys Again, Tandem Felix, Orphan Code, Rural Savage, I Heart The Monster Hero, Soldiers Can’t Dance, Croupier.

Saturday 12th Jan (indie / melodic rock)

Little Bear, Harboured, Dogs, Kates Party, Swords,  Myles Manley, The Hot Sprockets, Moscow Metro, Elaine Mai,  Skelocrats, The Notas, Walking on Cars.

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