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Whitney’s new track really do sound like ‘Golden Days’

Whitney’s new track really do sound like ‘Golden Days’

Chicago band Whitney introduced themselves to the world with ‘No Woman’, a track that furrows a way into your subconscious with a meandering orchestral country folk style.

The band’s debut album, Light Upon the Lake is due out June 3rd on Secretly Canadian and post-SXSW, Whitney have shared ‘Golden Days’, a more upbeat falsetto classic rock track that falls somewhere between the two main members associated bands – Max Kakacek (ex-Smith Westerns) and singing drummer Julien Ehrlich (ex-Unknown Mortal Orchestra).

Whitney - Golden Days (Official Video)

The band name comes from a personification of the pair’s writing process in Chicago:

“We were both writing as this one character, and whenever we were stuck, we’d ask, ‘What would Whitney do in this situation?’ We personified the band name into this person, and that helped a lot. We wrote the record as though one person were playing everything. We purposefully didn’t add a lot of parts and didn’t bother making everything perfect, because the character we had in mind wouldn’t do that.”

Album pre-order.

Whitney - No Woman (Official Video)

Whitney, "Golden Days" - Live at The FADER FORT Presented by Converse 2015 (8)