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WTF? Bob Dylan digs the Streets

WTF? Bob Dylan digs the Streets

Dylan / Streets

So Bob Dylan has a radio show as I’m sure some of you know. He recently had a show where every song had “eye” in the title. Now, usually he plays stuff exclusively from the 40s / 50s/ 60s but he broke from this proviso during the show to gush about The Streets’ “Dry your Eyes”. It’s a pretty weird intro made all the stranger by the fact that that he’s talking about Mike Skinner, the quintessential English gentleman (exemplified by his performance at Oxegen two years back when he asked the audience to throw bottles of piss at him).

This is a song where he’s just standing there and he can’t say a word. Everything’s just gone. He’s got nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Bob Dylan introduces the Streets – Dry your Eyes


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