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Yenkee’s ‘Life in 3/4 Time’ is inspired by Abba & John Martyn

Yenkee’s ‘Life in 3/4 Time’ is inspired by Abba & John Martyn


It’s acccurate to say that Graham Cooney’s Yenkee project is one of my personal favourites to emerge in the last years.

Here, The Cork musician follows up his ambient meditation mixtape with another sweet indie-guitar jam.

‘Life In 3/4 Time’ is full of sweet buoyant guitar sounds and is influenced by Prince, John Martyn, and ABBA. Cooney has moved to London from his native Cork which forms the basis for the song’s existence.

“Life In 3/4 Time is about moving out of the town where you were born, and feeling offbeat in the pace of a new, unfamiliar city. It touches on the reasons one may have to leave their loved ones behind in search of a new life, while also discussing the guilt, confusion, and waves of regret that come with that decision.

Your hometown is like your parent; someone you are tied to indefinitely but inevitably have to re-examine your relationship with as life goes on.

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