, You be like Hello Nasty where you been?

, You be like Hello Nasty where you been? The latest in the line of Beasties reissues is out next week with one of my favourite albums of all-time (YO, I’M HAPPY FOR YOU.. IMA LET YOU FINISH BUT etc etc) – 1998’s Hello Nasty gets the remastered treatment.

It’ll be available in 2-CD/vinyl box set/multi-format treatment featuring 43 tracks in total with 21 bonus tracks and rarities, including 10 never before released items (tracks/skits). Vinyl deluxe pack includes four 180-gram vinyl LPs featuring the deluxe remastered album and Hello Nasty Collectors Edition PATCH in an 8-panel gatefold package enclosed in a hardcover “coffee table book” case limited to a run of 1500.

Loads more stuff to play with on http://hellonasty.beastieboys.com/ including this gem of an infomercial featuring Jack Freeweather and Bill Swenson – “The Money Man”.

Part 2, 3 and Hello Nasty videos nostalgia after the yokey bob link.