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Young Wonder featuring Sacred Animals – ‘Time’

Young Wonder featuring Sacred Animals – ‘Time’


This song just gets me every time. While Ian Ring and Rachel Koeman have made a few great tracks in their short time together as Young Wonder, ‘Time’ might be my favourite yet. Ever since I heard it a few months ago, I was struck by the song’s emotional impact, which is anchored by Darragh Sacred Animals‘ short verse which speaks of “clutching sheets alone,” and having “a dream I was told to keep”.

Meawnhile, Koeman’s verse speaks of “brittle bones breaking breaking” and “showers and showers of unhappiness”. She told Fake DIY the lyrics were inspired by her time training as a nurse. “It focuses on one woman in particular who was literally grasping for time in the intensive care unit”. Ring’s arrangements underpins the affecting atmosphere with piano twinkles, alarm bells and a nuanced electronic bed of instrumentation with a swelling of beats, bass and what sounds like a crescendo guitar solo breaking the tension. It’s a proper great track.

‘Time’ is taken from Young Wonder’s new EP Show Your Teeth out May 6th on Feel Good Lost Records.

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