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Youtube Friday!! – new Beck videos

Youtube Friday!! – new Beck videos


Beck’s new album The Information is out on October 2nd. Initially touted as his hip hop album, the Nigel Godrich-produced follow-up to Guero seems to be less hip hop, just classic Beck. The album includes a sheet of stickers, which are used to make your own album cover. A few video clips have surfaced online of new songs – ‘We Dance Alone’ ‘Think I’m in Love’ and ‘Nausea’. Apparently there’s more for the songs ‘1,000 bpm’ , ‘No Complaints’, ‘This Girl’ and ‘Movie Theme’. Enjoy these and let me know if you find any of the others. Apparently if you check the Beck website, they’ve been posting new songs and then quickly taking them down so watch out for that too. An mp3 of a new song ‘Cell Phone’s Dead’ was also posted over at Steve Steve but don’t tell Beck I told you that..


Beck – Nauseau


Beck – We Dance Alone

The Youtube video of this has been taken down so it’s on Buzznet

Beck – Think I’m in Love

More Beck videos.

More Youtube Friday next week.

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