Kill For Love

Italians Do It Better were one of the first record labels to make a significant name for themselves through music blogs in the early days of the format circa 2007 and 2008. The label’s well-maintained blogspot, which is still in effect, became essential reading for bloggers who were interested in obscure heritage and rarely-heard artefacts of music past which informed the label’s own artists. The roster delved into Italo-disco, synth pop and moody dance music; all manners of shiny retro-obsessed electronic pop music. Here was an incestuous bunch of artists: Desire, Chromatics, Glass Candy, Professor Genius, Nite Jewel and label founder Mike Simonetti who shared the same aesthetic and eye shadow, who danced on the same dancefloors with the same sultry gaze, played the same synthesizers and hung out with the outsiders.

Early album releases from Glass Candy (2008’s B/E/A/T/B/O/X) and Chromatics (2007’s Night Drive) raised the label’s profile and were picked up by fashion and style crowd who were equally obsessed with aesthetics and last year’s Drive Soundtrack sealed the deal with a track each from Chromatics and Desire. A member of all three groups, Chromatics, Glass Candy and Desire, producer and auteur Johnny Jewel was initially drafted to make the soundtrack for the movie but his signature style ending up all over Cliff Martinez’s score thanks to his development and groundwork. Jewel would later release his unused soundtrack with Nat Walker as Symmetry, a two hour soundtrack of “claustrophobic cinematic bliss”.