I picked up this today. The King Of Limbs is certainly an album that has improved with time since it was released so it’s actually a perfect time for some Radiohead remix action. The first of which sees Dan Snaith’s Caribou remix ‘Little By Little’ into a long minimal workout while Jacques Greene takes ‘Lotus Flower’ into a post-dubstep synth direction. Another 12″ is released in two weeks with remixes of ‘Morning Mr. Magpie’ by Nathan Fake and two remixes of ‘Bloom’ by Mark Pritchard.

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4 Responses to “Hear Radiohead remixes by Caribou & Jacques Greene”

  1. Liam Griffin

    i actually think its gotten duller in the intermittent months! lovin these remixes though esp mr greenes one. pity they didnt get midland to remix one of the songs…

  2. gareth sharkey

    king of limbs is not amazing  ,its a good album and its a better experience to look through the ample artwork while listening to the vinyl imo . these remixes are great ,and they are limited so scoop them fast ,the first one can be picked up on ebay ,few other places as far as i can see.

  3. Norman Whelan

    They need more chillwave. Chillwave is the cool music at the moment. Chill out Tom Yorkie Bar!


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