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In which Aoife and I play a plethora of amazing tunes from the last few months, remind ourselves why Purity Ring is a weird band name, why bands need to stop releasing demos as finished tracks, take a brief exploration into ’80s fanzine-assisted electronica, and inadvertently insult loads of people throughout the podcast. Oops. Enjoy.

MP3: Nialler9 Podcast #40

Podcast #40 -Tracklisting

  1. Rustie – ‘Flash Back’- Glass Swords (Warp)
  2. Not Squares – ‘Fall Far’
  3. Air France x Memory Tapes – ‘It Feels Good To Be Around You’
  4. Purity Ring – ‘Lofticries’ – Shrines (4AD)
  5. Young Wonder – ‘Flesh’ – EP (Feel Good Lost Records)
  6. Kindness – ‘Gee Up’ – World You Need A Change Of Mind (Polydor)
  7. Jai Paul – ‘Jasmine’ (Demo) (XL)
  8. THEESatisfaction – ‘QueenS’ – aWe naturalE (Sub Pop)
  9. ASAP Rocky – ‘Whassup’ – LiveLoveA$AP
  10. In Trance 95 – ‘Presidente’ – The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.2 (Stones Throw)
  11. Ruins – ‘Fire’ - The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.2 (Stones Throw)
  12. Hundred Waters – ‘Visitor’ - Hundred Waters (Elestial Sound)
  13. Mirel Wagner – ‘No Death’ – No Death
  14. LHF – ‘Tandava’

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