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Artwork by Stephen Maurice Graham.

Here are the final Readers Poll results for this year. Thanks for all your votes.

Readers’ favourite Irish gigs

  1. Arcade Fire @ Marlay Park, Dublin
  2. Future Islands @ Vicar Street, Dublin
  3. Adebisi Shank @ Whelan’s, Dublin
  4. Caribou @ Vicar Street, Dublin
  5. BadBadNotGood @ Dolans, Limerick
  6. Caribou @ Body & Soul, Meath
  7. Chic @ Electric Picnic, Laois
  8. Flight Facilities @ Vicar Street, Dublin
  9. Snarky Puppy @ The Sugar Club, Dublin
  10. St. Vincent @ Electric Picnic, Laois

Readers’ favourite club night / promoter

  1. Somewhere? - The Workmans Club, Dublin
  2. Mother – Copper Alley, Dublin
  3. Hidden Agenda – The Button Factory, Dublin
  4. Strange Brew - Roisin Dubh, Galway
  5. Choice Cuts @ The Sugar Club, Dublin

Readers’ favourite Irish videos of 2014

  1. Squarehead – ‘2025’ (Director:  Domhnall Gleeson)
  2. Hozier – ‘From Eden‘ (Director: Henry & SSong)
  3. Jape – ‘The Heart’s Desire’ (Director: Conor Finnegan)
  4. little xs for eyes - ‘Love Gets Lost’ (Director: Alan Butler)
  5. Talos – ‘Tethered Bones’ (Director: Feel Good Lost)
  6. So Cow - ‘Sugar Factory’ (Director: Rory Walsh)
  7. We Cut Corners - ‘Blue’ (Director: Antoni Sendra Barrachina)
  8. The Riptide Movement - ‘All Works Out’ (Director: Thomas Hefferon and Johnny Han)
  9. Talos – ‘Bloom’ (Director: Feel Good Lost)
  10. Clu – ‘Mirrors’ (Director: Kevin Freeney)

Readers’ favourite remixes of 2014

  1. Lorde – ‘Tennis Court’ (Flume Remix) 
  2. Caribou – ‘Can’t Do Without You’ (Mano le Tough & Tale of Us Remix) 
  3. Ellie Goulding - ‘How Long Will I Love You’ (Embrz Remix) 
  4. Hozier - ‘From Eden’ (Jack Steadman Remix) 
  5. Kanye West – ‘Bound 2′ (Sigma Remix) 

Here are the first results of the Readers’ Poll showing your favourite gigs, videos, EPs, international albums and remixes of 2013. Thanks for all the votes. Albums and songs results to follow.

Artwork by Fatti Burke.

Readers’ favourite Irish gigs

  1. David Byrne and St. Vincent (Electric Picnic)
  2. Sigur Ros (The 02)
  3. The National (Cork, Live at the Marquee)
  4. Le Galaxie (Electric Picnic)
  5. Enemies (Button Factory)
  6. Grizzly Bear (Iveagh Gardens)
  7. Out On A Limb 10th Anniversary Gig (Dolans, Limerick)
  8. Queens of the Stone Age (The O2)
  9. Shellac (Whelans)
  10. Vampire Weekend (Longitude)

Readers’ favourite Irish videos of 2013

  1. Hozier – ‘Take Me To Church’ / Director: Feel Good Lost
  2. Bouts – ‘Pliable Me’ // Director: Spice Burger
  3. Le Galaxie – ‘Lucy Is Here’ // Directors:  Greg Corcoran ( & Steve Mac Devitt
  4. The Radioactive Grandma – ‘Don’t Look Down’ // Directors: The band.
  5. James Vincent McMorrow - ‘Cavalier’ // Director: Aoife McArdle
  6. Villagers – ‘Nothing Arrived’ // Director:  Alden Volney.
  7. Idiot Songs – ‘Villages of Ether’ // Director: Kevin McGloughlin
  8. Funeral Suits – ‘We Only Attack Ourselves’ // Director: Jonathan Irwin
  9. Ghost Maps – ‘Vanilla’ // Director: Michael Sugrue
  10. Little Green Cars – ‘The John Wayne’ // Director: Stephen Walsh

Readers’ favourite Irish remixes of 2013

  1. Liza Flume – ‘Poison’ (Daithí Remix)
  2. Mano Le Tough – ‘Please’ (New Jackson Remix)
  3. Daithí – ‘Chameleon Life’ (Elaine Mai Remix)
  4. Ellie Goulding - ‘How Long Will I Love You’ (EMBRZ Remix)
  5. White Collar Boy – ‘SUUU’ (Frank B Remix)

Readers’ favourite Irish EPs of 2013

  1. MMOTHS – Diaries
  2. Harrison & The Devil – Cat Matters
  3. Hozier – Take Me To Church
  4. Young Wonder - Show Your Teeth
  5. Forrests – Wilder

Readers’ favourite club nights

  1. Somewhere? - The Workmans Club, Dublin
  2. Hidden Agenda – The Button Factory, Dublin
  3. Strange Brew - Roisin Dubh, Galway
  4. Mother – Copper Alley, Dublin
  5. POGO - Twisted Pepper, Dublin
  6. Bruce Willis - The Lost Society, Dublin
  7. Crush - Lafayette, Dublin
  8. Forza Italo - The Odessa, Dublin
  9. Junior Spesh – Twisted Pepper, Dublin
  10. Movements - Button Factory, Dublin

Readers’ favourite international albums

  1. The National – Trouble Will Find Me
  2. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
  3. Arctic Monkeys – AM
  4. Disclosure – Settle
  5. My Bloody Valentine – MBV
  6. HAIM – Days Are Gone
  7. Bill Calahan - Dream River
  8. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
  9. Jon Hopkins – Immunity
  10. Biood Orange – Cupid Deluxe

Posted on December 23rd, 2013




Artwork by Fatti Burke.

2013 was the year that music really maxed out on time. There was so much music about that it was hard to keep up, even just in Ireland.  Below you’ll find a list of my favourite Irish songs, albums and EPs of 2013. Keeping my choices to 30 was hard but necessary. These were my favourites, my most-played, the ones I loved the most, the releases and tunes that I feel helped define what this country does in musical terms this year, as well as being the ones that I’d recommend to international friends and visitors.

As is customary, I’m also asking you guys to give me your top Irish albums, songs, EPs, gigs, clubs and more. I’ve also got some sweet prizes up for grabs for those who enter. Once, the voting closes on December 18th, I’ll collate the lists and post them here for all to see as with the last seven years.


Nialler9’s top 30 Irish albums of 2013

  1. I Am The Cosmos – Monochrome
  2. Mano Le Tough – Changing Days
  3. Girls Names – The New Life
  4. Villagers – {awayland}
  5. Come On Live Long - Everything Fall
  6. Lasertom – Drift
  7. Lisa O’Neill – Same Cloth Or Not
  8. Solar Bears – Supermigration
  9. Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Mikrosector-50
  10. Dancing Suns – Goldmine
  11. And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures
  12. Little Green Cars – Absolute Zero
  13. Tieranniesaur – DIYSCO
  14. Ensemble Eriu – Ensemble Eriu
  15. Somadrone – The First Wave
  16. Cian Nugent & The Cosmos - Born With the Caul
  17. Squarehead – Respect
  18. Pearse McGloughlin and Justin Grounds – Idiot Songs
  19. Enemies – Embark, Embrace
  20. Biggles Flys Again – Remember Saturday
  21. Chequerboard - The Unfolding
  22. Sounds Of System Breakdown – Nomad
  23. Halves – Boa Howl
  24. Cat Dowling – The Believer
  25. Sunken Foal – Friday Syndrone Vol 2
  26. Bouts – Nothing Good Gets Away
  27. Kill Krinkle Club – Oxen Of The Sun
  28. Ghost Maps – The Ocean From The River
  29. Emakousma – Island
  30. The Late David Turpin – We Belong Dead

Spotify album playlist


Artwork/wallpaper by Gianni.

Artwork/wallpaper by Gianni.

We’ve had the best EPs, remixes, videos, new artists and songs in Irish music as chosen by you (plus my own choices) but here’s the big one, the top 25 Irish albums of the year. Previous winning albums in the readers’ poll in the last six years include: Jape’s Ocean Of Frequency and Ritual, Villagers’ Becoming A Jackal, Super Extra Bonus Party’s LP, Patrick Kelleher’s You Look Cold and Si Schreoder’s Coping Mechanisms

I hope you find something you missed throughout the year. Delve in. Spotify and Deezer playlists of all available albums at the end of the post.

See the full list of 25 Irish albums of the year…→

Posted on December 21st, 2012




RP5_620Artwork/wallpaper by Gianni.
Before I reveal the Irish albums of the year, you’ll find your choices of early artistic releases in the form of EPs, collaboration and reworking in remixes and the best visuals attached to songs in the last year in Irish music…

Irish EPs of the year

  1. No Spill Blood – Street Meat
  2. Le Galaxie – Fade to Forever 
  3. Young Wonder – Young Wonder 
  4. White Collar Boy – Kinsale 
  5. Lar Kaye  – Lar Kaye 
  6. Sleep Thieves – Islands
  7. Hidden Highways  – Hidden Highways
  8. Mmoths – Mmoths 
  9. Monto – Best Boy
  10. Faws – Blue Notes

See all the best of remixes and videos…→

Posted on December 20th, 2012



Artwork by Gianni.

Artwork by Gianni.

Artwork/wallpaper by Gianni.

The following 25 songs were voted by you dear readers (about 200 of you) so huge thanks to you lot for that. It’s an interesting cross section of what happened in Irish music this year from electronic to folk to indie to rock. There wasn’t room for rap or heavier guitar music this time around though Lethal Dialect and REST came close. At the end of the post you’ll also find Spotify and Deezer playlists to listen to featuring most of the songs here.


Posted on December 19th, 2012




Artwork by Gianni. Click to enlarge for wallpaper.

For the seventh year, it’s over to you to decide the Nialler9 Readers’ Poll for Irish albums, songs and more of the year. Below, you will find my own comprehensive list of Irish albums, songs, EPs, remixes and new artists who make the grade and below that I’m looking for your own choices.

To sweeten the deal, I’ve a couple of prizes to giveaway:

Here are my own choices to kick it off or go to VOTE. This was difficult.


Posted on December 13th, 2012




I’ve had my say, now we’re kicking off your say in the first results of the readers’ poll with your top Irish EPs and new artists of 2011.Both those lists follow along with links and embeds to where you can hear why they got the votes they did.

See the reader-voted Irish new artists and EPs of 2011…»

Posted on December 22nd, 2011