The last of the top 5 new artists guest posts for 2011? I may have one more surprise coming, but for now, here are the choices of another music blog favourite, The Recommender, the Brighton-based blog run by Mike Bradford and one of the best sources for new artists around. Mike shares his top 5 new artists discoveries of 2011.


This new solo artist from Australia arrived into our inbox in the last month of 2011. Not only does he have massive pop potential, with an addictive batch of tunes that mainline ’90s Manchester and ’60s Phil Spector pop, but his industry connections helpfully stretch far and wide, (he worked on the production of Foals last album and used to be in the Aussie band The Lost Valentinos). His debut single, which also features Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa on drums, is due in February 2012. We expect lots of spotlights to be shining on this exciting new artist next year.