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12 brand new bands to see at Hard Working Class Heroes

12 brand new bands to see at Hard Working Class Heroes



7. Thinkerrs (Dublin/Mayo)

Friday – 8:30pm @ The Mercantile

Patrick Hallinan leads Thinkerrs, a folk/rock band of Mayo men based in Dublin who have released three albums to date. This year’s release Black Dog contains their best work yet like ‘April’, a lilting melodious song and ‘Quantum Universe’, a raucous grunge-rock track. Those tracks represents the two sides of Thinkerrs’ sound.

8. Cove (Tipperary)

Friday – 8:10pm @ The New Theatre

Alternative electronic rock is shorthand for this Cashel-based group who released their debut EP back in February. Think synthesizers, gurgling vocals and M83 sky-scrapping ambience.

9. Carriages (Dublin)

Friday – 9:30pm @ The New Theatre


Experimental folk, the kind that uses off-kilter rhythms, electronics and a likening to bands like Tunng is the vibe of this new band from producer Harry Bookless (also of littlexsforeyes and Fearsome Floors) and singer-songwriter Aaron Page.

10. Tvvins (Dublin)

Saturday – Midnight @ Bad Bobs


Edit: OK, When I first planned this post, I hadn’t written about these guys but since have. So there.

The first live show from Conor Adams (The Cast Of Cheers / Charmers) and Lar Kaye (Adebisi Shank, No Spill Blood) as tvvins. The music is synth-pop, electro-rock, vocodered and anthemic.

11. Floor Staff (Dublin)

Saturday – 8pm @ Bad Bobs / Friday – Powerscourt Centre @ 3pm

Anthony Donnelly and Stephen Murray are the core members of this two piece experimental pop band. A debut EP was released in July and the songs could be described as mature elegaic dancefloor-shuffling pop tracks with brass tone, backing vocals and nods to the sound of Bon Iver. Saturday will be a full-band show.

12. Garrett Moore (Dublin)

Saturday – 10pm @ Bad Bobs / Friday – 2:30pm @ Designist


Alternative pop that can sound ragged one minute, due to Moore’s gravelled voice or anthemic due to some rich and reaching piano-featuring arrangements.

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