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9 Irish songs you should hear this week

9 Irish songs you should hear this week

Luke Sharkey

This is only a selection of new music – dig into more or follow the Spotify playlists.


Barq – Earthquakes

Barq continue to build their reputation as the finest soul group in the country with their new double-single release. ‘Earthquakes’, taken from that double single, is an explosive track. Lead Singer Jess Kav’s voice sounds superb, here combined with a touch of overdrive. The song is built upon a tight soul groove in the rhythm section, with distorted guitars and synths added for effect. Full of swagger, the tune finds the group sounding at their very best.


Stuck On Repeat – Áthas

Corkonian outfit Stuck On Repeat have been quietly simmering over the last year, steadily gathering a following through live performance. The excellent video for ‘Áthas’ (which means joy/ happy in Irish), taken from multi-instrumentalist and sole member John Ryan’s debut EP I Will be A Tree is full of the same quirky lo-fi idiosyncrasies as the music it accompanies.

Stuck On Repeat  - Áthas


EHCO – Eiclips

EHCO, comprised of former Enemies member Eoin Whitfield and singer Jessica Lord, have recently been releasing a slew of ultra sleek electronica tunes. Combining the polished beat production of producers like Jamie XX with a reverb soaked moody vocal, ‘Eiclips’ is at once energetic and nostalgic. Accompanied by a colorful video, directed by Rosie Barret, the track is the group’s third single release.

EHCO - Éiclips


Pale Rivers – Montparnasse

‘Montparnasse’ marks the second single release from Pale Rivers’ upcoming debut EP. The video, directed by Lochlainn McKenna, recounts the fateful events of the night before in blurry soft focus. Emotive and evocative, the track draws you in slowly with hypnotic guitar notes and a lilting vocal delivery.

Pale Rivers - Montparnasse (Official Music Video)


David Keenan – Altar Wine

Irish singer-songwriter David Keenan has just released his second EP, entitled Strip Me Bare. ‘Altar Wine’ is taken from that EP. The attention to lyrical detail here is exquisite, Keenan’s relationship with the written word has only further blossomed since his debut release in 2017. The song is stark and vulnerable, lonely but emboldened by the artists unwavering honesty.


Pursued By Dogs – Talk

Dublin-based four piece Pursued By Dogs released ‘Talk’, the third single from their forthcoming self-titled album, out April 27th, this week. The slow-tempo track feels in many ways like a contemporary Everything But The Girl number, in no small part because of the lead vocals from Suzanne Purcell.



Paul Alwright – Seeds Of Doubt

Paul Alwright is a Dublin-based spoken word and hip hop artist. He recently released ‘Seeds Of Doubt’, the first track from his upcoming album Hungry, out May 11th. The track is an introspective investigation into the necessity and virtue of self belief and determination featuring fine lyrical content from the Dublin MC.

Paul Alwright - Seeds of Doubt


Feuds – Nothing To Happen Next

Four piece Feuds have just put out their self titled debut EP. ‘Nothing To Happen Next’ is the single from that EP. Featuring the kind of earthy guitars you might expect on a The Redneck Manifesto song, ‘Nothing To Happen Next’ is a focused and high energy indie-rock tune.


Dioscó na mBó – Nadra

Hailing from Easkey in county Sligo, Dioscó na mBó are an electronic outfit producing exuberant and catchy electronic tracks. ‘Nadra’, the first of a four track EP to be released on the 4th of May, is a short but sweet psychedelic pop song layered with carefully constructed synth tones. These are ones to keep an eye on.

Dioscó na mBó - Nadra

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