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7 new tracks you need to hear this week

7 new tracks you need to hear this week

Here are 7 of the best new songs we’ve heard in the past week, tried, tested and true for you.

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Julia Jacklin

Pressure To Party

Julia Jacklin - Pressure To Party (Official Video)

Julia Jacklin returns following her superb Phantastic Ferniture side project with a new solo single in ‘Pressure To Party’. The Australian artist takes up largely from where she left off with that group on this new track. There’s much of the same sunny indie chord progression, played on the trusty guitar. Jacklin is excellent at taking personal themes in her lyrics and making them universal. ‘Pressure To Party’ seems like the pinings of an introvert looking to escape their shell. It’s nice to hear a Jacklin track with some of the polish removed as her vocals dance in and out of key. Feeling first.

The track is taken from Jacklin’s forthcoming Crushing LP, due for release on February 22nd. Jacklin will also be performing in Whelan’s on March 30th. Tickets are available here.


Billie Eilish

Bury A Friend

Billie Eilish - bury a friend

17-year-old Billie Eilish goes dark on ‘Bury A Friend’. The track has a distinct underground hip-hop influence. The vocals themselves are half-rapped and the beat borrows plenty from an industrial sound palette. Perhaps Eilish has been listening to Yeezus. Eilish’s pop origins remain visible for all. The eerie chorus line is the perfect catchy counterbalance to some of the more abrasive instrumental parts of the track. According to the artist, the track is written from the perspective of the monster under Eilish’s bed. Commenting on her own Genius page, she states “It inspired what the album is about. “bury a friend” is literally from the perspective of the monster under my bed. If you put yourself in that mindset, what is this creature doing or feeling?”.


White Denim


White Denim - 'Shanalala' (Official Audio)

Another red hot rock cut from Austin natives White Denim. ‘Shanalala’ is just under three minutes of attitude and dirty bass riffs. The band probably aren’t reinventing the wheel, but there’s a vibrancy and creativity in White Denim’s material that marks them out as a cut above their contemporaries.

The band will be performing a gig in Whelan’s on the 10th of February. Tickets are available here.



The End

The End

LA producer Shlohmo is releasing an album about the apocalypse called The End in March. He shared the title track from the project with the public this week. It’s a suitably intense song. All warped children’s toys noises and lo-fi guitar chords. According to the press release, The End is “vaguely about the end of the world..but from the viewpoint of smoking on the couch during the extinction event. Reading a nice book while the meteor hits. The fake peace of insularity during chaos.” Sounds like an interesting project.


Arlo Parks

Super Sad Generation

“When did we get so skinny. Start doing Ketamine on the weekends?”. The opening lines of London R&B artist Arlo Park’s ‘Super Sad Generation’ confirm that the title is not meant to be ironic. Despite being profoundly gloomy, ‘Super Sad Generation’ is a stunning listen. Parks’ vocals are clear as glass and supremely sweet over the delicate lo-fi instrumental. We’ve already tipped the artist to have a huge year in 2019, this new single only reaffirms our confidence.


Empress Of/Perfume Genius

When I’m With Him

Empress Of - When I'm With Him (Perfume Genius Cover) || Official Audio

Grammy-nominated art-pop artist Perfume Genius’ cover of ‘When I’m With Him’ brings a tragedy-tinged power pop balled feeling to Empress Of’s original. It’s a dreamy interpretation. Mike Hadreas’ falsetto delivery brings a ton of emotion to the table. The 80s pop influence remains prevalent in both this and original, with glittery synths embellishing the mix’s high end. It’s a fresh perspective on a pop banger.


James Supercave

Clued Up

Clued Up

James Supercave are, by their own admission, “bound by a quest to unfuck the World”. We’re not sure ‘Clued Up’ will achieve these lofty aspirations, but it’s definitely a gem of a track. Taken from the groups new Alarm Will Sound, the track is ultra slick indie electronica ah la Metronomy. I was already hooked on this track halfway through hearing it the first time, the arrival of the mega bass tone jsut after the two minute mark only sealed the deal.

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