20-year-old Austrian producer has already worked with D.R.A.M.

Salute is part of the new producer/ songwriter breed who appears to be able to do everything. The 20-year-old Brighton-based Austrian producer released his seven-track LP My Heart last year and it featured collaborations with D.R.A.M. and Krrum. Musically, were talking jazz, hip-hop, electronics and a working knowledge of pop. Catch him at Eurosonic next week, if you are lucky enough to be in Groningen.


Le Boom

Energetic Irish electro-pop.

Dubliner Christy Leech spent last summer playing music and DJing in Brooklyn warehouses, a fine time that lead to some home-recorded dance music with a broken bass, a gutted guitar and some melodic muscle. Now back in Ireland an teaming up with Aimie Mallon, the twosome’s live show is the most energetic and dun around. ‘What We Do is their release so far a single of Hot Chip-style synth-pop and lo-fi dancefloor atmospherics.


DJ Seinfeld

Lo-fi house’s leading light.

Lo-fi house it may have been dubbed due to its pisstakey name and peers (Ross From Friends, DJ Boring) but backlash aside, DJ Seinfeld’s music is proven to have a big heart as well as a sense of humour.

DJ Seinfeld plays Cork on Saturday and Dublin at Hangar on January 14th. His recent release on Lobster Theremin. A newer track, ‘U’, is warm and emotive and even manages to turn a Bob Geldof sample into something sweet.


Grace Lightman

UK Kate-Bush soundalike.

London-based artist and undeniable Kate Bush soundalike Grace Lightman dropped a couple of great singles in 2016 including the full-tilted synth track ‘Faultless’ with sweeping changes and crystalline guitars and mantric synth pop of ‘Repair Repair’.



Grimes-esque alt-pop.

First featured here back in 2013, Brit School alumni Hannah Rodgers signed to 4AD last year and the label have been giving them time to develop her Grimes-esque blend of alt-pop, which is expected to debut in 2017.


Super Silly

Modern R&B live band.

Having played as a session band with Hare Squead, Soulé, Stay Gold and Farah Elle in the past, Super Silly (Precious, Solbas, Grooves, and Shek) are striking out on their own with original music. ‘No Pressure’ is a suave mix of modern R&B, soul and pop. They are in their element at a live gig.

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