District Magazine launched a collaboration album with all proceeds going to Pieta House.

The album, released on District Recordings label is a compilation of unreleased material from 20 Irish hip-hop artists including JYellowL, This Side Up, Wastefellow, Neomadic, Rebel Phoenix, Mathman and many more.

The album is available for purchase on District Magazine’s Bandcamp for €9.90 and a vinyl release is promised, along with a big party.

Posted on January 11th, 2018


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After a jampacked summer of playing festivals Wastefellow is back with his new two-track EP Enfold You, the first release in a year and a half from the native Dublin producer.

Those of you familiar with Diolmhain Ingram Roche’s work and live performances will know that he brings a very colourful and digitally-enhanced representation to his music.

“With the music side of things it’s super insular for me,” Roche says. “I’m in my room for days on my own making music, so to have other people working with me on my live shows and to collaborate with others really adds something more to it.”

The video for lead track ‘Enfold You’, directed and edited by Flann Manning is an example of Wastefellow’s visually creative collaborations, with lighting techniques inspired by the ’60s film Inferno.

“We ended up shooting a lot of the video with a spinning light rig thing that Flann built out of a bike wheel, my housemate had to stand there spinning the wheel while we were shooting, it was pretty MacGyver.”

Wastefellow plays Future Proof alongside Loah and Beach on December 7th in Bello Bar. Tickets here.

Both tracks on the new EP originated from the same two bar sample off the track ‘You Gave Me Oh Lord’ by Bitboul, Costa and Yared but Roche developed a life and sound for the tracks on their own over time.

“It isn’t an obvious part of them anymore. It’s been progressively chopped up and obscured with each new version and basically not even a part of ‘Enfold You’ at this stage, but when these tracks started out, it was pretty much their backbone.”

Wastefellow takes inspiration from multiple-genres and he grew up listening to artists such as Nick Cave, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Tim Buckley (who was a heavy influence on the current record), and more recent influences like Lapalux and Aphex Twin.

“I don’t think I’d be making the music I’m making or into the music I’m into if it wasn’t for getting into Radiohead when I did. I suppose there’s strands of them in probably everything I’ve done.”

The new EP showcases a more experimental and developing sound for the young artist in comparison to his previous releases such as ‘Wonder’ and ‘Meet Me’.

“I’ve got a lot of new stuff that will be coming out between now and Summer, so Enfold You represents the first step in confidently re-establishing myself as an artist.”

Posted on November 22nd, 2017



Diolmhain Ingram Roche is the young artist behind Wastefellow, a experimental electronic project that has graced these pages in the past. ou can catch his live show this Friday at RHA’s Hennessy Lost Friday Summer Instalment alongside Ships, DJ Hula Hoops and much more. – WIN TICKETS here. Here, he shared his current favourite tracks so you can get a feel for what a fellow he is.

What’s your favourite track of your own right now?

Favourite track is probably a new one i’m sitting on called ‘Drunk Beat’, but since that’s not out yet lets go with the last track from my EP, called ‘The Maze’.

A song that you remember from a particularly good club night recently and why?

Tarquin – ‘C-Mine’

Heard this out for the first time at one of Welcome’s last parties and it was a transformative experience. That two minute build up in near total darkness made me froth.

A remix that made an impression on you this year?

Flying Lotus – ‘Twin Peaks’

It’s definitely not the best remix I’ve heard this year, but dear god did it come at the right time to hype me up. Had the good luck of seeing him drop it twice in one weekend last month, so that really cemented it in my brain.

A song to wake up to

Talk Talk – ‘The Rainbow’

First time I ever heard this song was a summer morning years ago, I was woken up by my da playing it on the stereo. Was a pretty incredible thing to hear on waking up, and that’s stuck with me since then.

An album you can’t stop listening to?

Angel Olsen – My Woman

A friend had a spare ticket to her recent Vicar Street show recently, so I went along not really knowing her stuff or much of anything about her. Was one of the best shows I had seen in a long time, really blew me away, and i’ve been regularly on her most recent record ever since.

Your first vinyl purchase and what do you remember about it?

Slint – Spiderland

‘Don, Aman’

It was already one of my favourite albums by the time I inherited some records and an old player in my teens. I remember being very excited to get home and put it on back to front when I bought it, despite already knowing every note by heart at that point.

A song that’s always likely to get played when you DJ?

Tabu Ley Rochreau – ‘Hafi Deo’

Always and forever!
Unless its late night and I’m deep in the weirder reaches of bass music, then its got to be Spongebob Squarewave’s ‘Rescue Spongebob’, but I don’t get a chance to flex those tunes nearly as often as I would like.

Song of the year so far?

Pile – ‘Leaning On A Wheel’

Have really loved Pile since hearing ‘Dripping’ a few years back, new record is them back to top form, and this song could be their best yet. Everything about it makes the feelings ache in that cathartic way a really sublime tune can.

Favourite ambient song of all time?

Fairlights – ‘Liminality’

Probably shouldn’t call fairlights’ stuff ambient, its pretty maximal music by all accounts, but I like to take any chance I can to tell people how good it is, and probably responsible for me being into most of the stuff I listen to that could be called ambient. Incredible project from Enda Bates, hope he comes back to it some day.

Biggest influence on your own music?

Radiohead – Kid A

Has to be Radiohead, they’re the first band I ever got into (pretty obsessively), so probably everything I’ve listened to or made since has been in some way informed by their work. Impossible to pick a single song from their discography, but the title track from Kid A always did something strange to me as a young-in.

Favourite Irish song of the year so far?

Gaptoof – Wandering

Real fresh one from Gaptoof (formerly Nxstalgic), one of the best doing beats in Ireland by a hot mile. W H A T A F L I P ! ! !

A new artist are you most excited about.

Plant Food – Wimba Trees

From Dublin, the tape this guy recently put out for District really blew my head off. Incredible left-field beats and sound design, super excited to hear what comes next!

An album you’ve been recommending to people?

Serpentwithfeet – Blisters

Recently caught this on a new(ish) music hunt, and was really blown away, had it on repeat for weeks and been shouting at people about it ever since.

Posted on July 4th, 2017



RHA’s Hennessy Lost Fridays returns next Friday July 7th after its March edition sold out and they’re promising another night of “colour, creativity and cocktails.”

Lost Friday’s July edition will feature cutting edge and dynamic artists, musicians, and creatives including the creators of my Irish album of the year the disco-synth duo Ships, the upcoming experimental electronic artist Wastefellow and the Cork DJ Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin aka DJ Hula Hoops.

On the non-music front, also on offer is:

  • A walking tour of this summer’s RHA Annual Exhibition with Director Patrick T. Murphy.
  • Free, body or face art done by the Dublin Body Painting Jam.
  • Watch as an artist creates a 3D artwork using Google’s Tilt Brush and have the chance to step in and create your very own piece of art.
  • Artist Colm Mac Athlaoich will be doing free caricatures for people to take home and on the hour every hour he will be giving 15 minute mini-classes on how to draw caricatures

Throughout the night Hennessy’s expert mixologists will create bespoke Hennessy cocktails, as well as hosting cocktail masterclasses. Cocktails include Hennessy & Ginger and Hennessy Sidecar. Grub will be served up on our summer-eve patio.

Tickets €20 + booking fee (include two complimentary Hennessy cocktails)

Posted on June 29th, 2017


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Castlepalooza is one of the nicest little music festival in Ireland and this year’s festival has just added a load of acts for Tullamore Castle from Friday August 4th to Sunday August 6th.

Joining the lineup are:

  • Le Galaxie
  • Denney
  • Hiva Oa
  • Liza Flume
  • Oddsocks,
  • Bad Sea
  • Bitch Falcon
  • Daithí
  • Dublin Ukulele Collective
  • Dreaming of Jupiter
  • Floor Staff
  • Hot Cops
  • Ivy Nations
  • Mywoollyhat
  • Prymary Colours
  • Dip Djs
  • RSAG
  • Third Smoke
  • Tiz McNamara
  • Wastefellow
  • Elaine Mai
  • Seo Linn

DJ additions on the Friday and Saturday night in the Courtyard courtesy of Bedlam and Abstract are:

  • Al Murphy
  • Arman Giorgio
  • Bruno Grecchi
  • Beat Division
  • Bedlam DJs
  • Betty Jiminez
  • Boots & Kats
  • Charlie Garrett B2B AJ
  • Chasing Abbey
  • Daser B2B Mark Gill
  • Deadwax
  • Denney
  • Dylan Higgins
  • Fio’n’Jio
  • Fintan Lalor
  • Heroes in Hiding DJ Set
  • Killthedjs
  • Karl Guest B2B Aiden Thompson
  • Mark Byrne
  • Minisoul
  • Pat Hyland
  • Sarah Mooney
  • Sally Cinnamon

Day tickets from €59 + fees, weekend from €129 + fees.

Posted on June 6th, 2017


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This is only a selection of new music – dig into more or follow the Spotify playlists.


Tei Shi – ‘Justify’

From Valerie Teicher’s Friday album release Crawl Space is a minimally-lit bass and vocal track that swings with R&B and electronic verve AND sounds like Prince.

As Teicher says “Justify is a kind of protest song against the way in which we are categorized or judged by others based off of very superficial or one dimensional standards. It came from a place of rebellion against the insecurities and pressures that come into play when you put yourself in a position to be defined by another. For me the song is a challenge against that musically and emotionally.”


Aldous Harding feat. Perfume Genius – ‘Imagining My Man’

Like the previously featured ‘Horizon’ from the New Zealand singer-songwriter, ‘Imagining My Man’ from her 4AD debut John Parish-produced Party (Mat 17th) is a subtle and intense torch song and features Perfume Genius’s Mike Hadreas (even subtler). Angel Olsen and Julia Holter would be close references to the sound made here. Aldous Harding is increasingly sounding like a trailblazing artist.


Search Party Animal – ‘Evergreen’

The band formerly known as Bagels, have made a significant move up with their new single under new name Search Party Animal. It’s still very early days but this is a step in a direction that marks them apart.


Wastee – ‘Candy’

Diolmhain Ingram Roche has been making a name for himself as Wastefellow but Wastee is a more club-orientated sound that draws from drum and bass, post-dub and synth electronica. ‘Candy’ is the project’s first single, a wavey squiggly song of deep bass proportions and digital styles. An EP is coming on the LyxLiv label.


All We Are – ‘Burn It All Out’

All We Are’s debut album for Domino brought an Irishman, a Norwegian and a Brazilian together to make slinky harmony-filled guitar pop music. ‘Burn It All Out’ is a departure from that sound, a more intense and layered suggestion that album #2 is going to be quite different despite the sweetness inherent on the song. it features production by Kwes.


Soulwax – ‘Is It Always Binary’

I’m a sucker for dry disco drums and not many people do that better (other than close cohorts DFA) than Soulwax. From DeeWee is their new album all recorded in one-take in their Belgian studio and ‘Is It All Binary’ features the work of two drummers including Iggor Cavalera and features the Soulwax the headspinning synth trademark like their brilliant release Nite Versions.


Cinema feat. Chris Leech – ‘Floating’

Kildare producer Peter Fleming aka Cinema released an under the radar electronic album A Night Train To Budapest last year that was bright, Balearic and luminescent.

‘Floating’ is his first new song since all that activity and it’s a natural departure from the LP. Featuring vocals from Le Boom’s Christy Leech and production by Ruairi Bantum, ‘Floating’ has a focused electronic sound that sounds more contemporary but hasn’t lost that spacious disco chug that makes the music under the Cinema moniker swing.

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3 New Music flavours:

All song added in the past week: Nialler9 Weekly.

The larger three-month New Music Playlist.

New Irish Music Playlist

Check out the regularly updated Spotify playlists.

Posted on March 29th, 2017

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Now we’ve kicked 2016 to the curb, it’s time to look forward.

January is all about freshness, so here are 20 acts from around the globe who I reckon you’ll be hearing much more of this year. Some will be familiar to you but I expect to make an even bigger splash and some, I bet are likely to be appreciated by a lot more people by the year’s end. That was the criteria. I avoided any of the obvious ones you’ve seen elsewhere especially the BBC Sound of 2017 poll.

There are also extended playlists featuring the pick of those acts and more (JFDR, Jorja Smith, Declan McKenna, Louis Berry, ABRA, Jamilia Woods, Maggie Rogers, Pumarosa among them) on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Last year’s list.


Hare Squead

Dublin R&B pop trio to hit it big this year.

A regular feature on Nialler9, Hare Squead spent the year building their fanbase in the UK by supporting Dua Lipa and dropping a series of singles and an EP on Columbia Records that suggested that Tony Konstone, E-Knock and singer Jessy Rose’s blend of soul, R&B, rap and pop could cross the Atlantic this year if all goes well.



Scandinavian bright light of pop.

Four songs deep and Scandinavian artist Skott (who apparently “grew up in a remote small town forest commune run by ‘outcast’ folk musicians”) has already received some worthy plaudits – Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World, approval from Lorde, plays on Zane Lowe’s Beats show and topping the Hype Machine’s most blogged chart (and featured in their end of year list)

Her songs so far are bright pop nuggets from the sweet melody of ‘Porcelain’ to orchestral finger-clicking ballad ‘Wolf’ and the whistle-assisted electronic pop of ‘Lack Of Emotion’.



Jens Kuross

Brittle piano balladry with emotive results.

Idaho-born musician Jens Kuross studied Jazz at Berklee college in Boston but last year begun releasing music under his own name on the London-based Aesop label. Now based in LA, Kuross’ six tracks last year were songs of emotion, depth, minimalism and confident songwriting, taking on a singing style that gets more affecting as it opens up, with touches of Radiohead and minimalist songwriters.



UK siblings reaching out with new pop tones.

Cotswold brother and sister Rob and Katy Pearson AKA Ardyn appeared with the smart indie pop song ‘Over The River’, a song close to London Grammar in mood. An EP followed, The Valley, which featured production by James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, Arctic Monkeys). More of the EP’s arched celestial pop overtones would be welcome in 2017. If you’re in London next week, they play The Line Of Best Fit’s Five Day Forecast.


Ailbhe Reddy

Dublin singer-songwriter has reached far in a short time.

For a new artist, having your second EP racking up over 1 million streams in your first year is quite an achievement. But Ailbhe Reddy has found fans wherever she has gone – whether its at festivals like Electric Picnic, Other Voices and Body & Soul among them. As she has grown in consciousness, so too has her craft and her live set finds her flanked by a full-band adding depth to already substantial songs. You may have heard her song ‘Seasonal’ in the RTÉ show Striking Out – courtesy of myself and Avant Music Port too.

2017 sees Ailbhe step it up into the wider world, starting with a new single ‘Relent’ and two gigs – The Servant Jazz Quarters in London on 15th February and The Sugar Club in Dublin on 22nd February.

Hear her new song below which Ailbhe says:

‘Relent’ is about looking back on a soured relationship & realising how it could have been, seeing the lessons and my own shortcomings as part of the story. It’s about the guilt that forms part of the natural retrospection on a once loving relationship. Too often these songs can be purely accusatory, whereas I’ve tried to explore the reality that there are two sides to every story and each party has their own narrative as they see it. The inspiration was these feelings and the song was written as an attempt to express this and move forward from it. To sweeten what has soured and move on without guilt”



French R&B duo.

Two French men make up the duo Her, making sensually suggestive R&B pop songs with electronic undertones – reminscent of Rhye with more body (ahem). They’ve had a few memorable songs already in the form of ‘Quite Like’, ‘Five Minutes’ and their most recent single ‘Queens’ featuring Zefire. They’re now signed to Island Records and kick off their year at Eurosonic next week. A debut album is forthcoming.

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Posted on January 5th, 2017


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When Boiler Room first came to Dublin last year, it’s first night was centred around grime music, which isn’t exactly representative of the city’s music scene.

However, there are a small pocket of producers and MCs making music that could be characterised as grime and you can imagine with the rise of Skepta and the general UK grime resurgence that could be also felt here in the coming years.

While we wait for that, Wriggle put together a snapshot of grimey bass music made here (incorporating grime, footwork and dubstep) from artists like Major Grave, CLU, Wastefellow, Aaron Darkimh, Shriekin, TRYTRYDIEDOWN, Auxiliary Phoenix, Cnámha, Ian Nyquist Ozwald & Daddy’s Grrl.

It’s all instrumental.

Posted on October 10th, 2016


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Wastefellow first came to my attention via his collaboration with Bobby Basil – ‘G Train’.

Diolmhain Ingram Roche is the musician behind the name, son of Miriam Ingram, who made some fine music when this site was starting out.

For full disclosure, I passed on premiering this track initially, but due to it being sent to me a few times over the past week, I’ve got a new appreciation for it – largely through the video by Conor Donoghue, which perfectly frames the track’s experimental electronic sonics with corroded digital artefacts giving a tripped-out effect to the music and experience. Perfect for the date that’s in it.

Posted on April 20th, 2016

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