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18 New Artists To Love in 2018

18 New Artists To Love in 2018



22-year-old Irish singer-songwriter

Photo: Sean Smyth for Goldenplec.
Diffusion Lab’s newest artist is 22-year-old singer-songwriter Dave Costello or Day_S and his debut single ‘Last Night’ is a soulful slice of electronic pop with a wavy synth chorus and pop vocals.


Pillow Queens

Female Irish punk group

Pillow Queens, formed just over a year ago by Cathy, Pam, Rach and Sarah released their debut EP last Calm Girls which includes infectious tracks such as ‘Rats’ – which has been played on BBC Radio 6. They played eight UK dates last year and have a stage presence that is fueled with energy.



Not your typical boy band

Brockhampton is a boy band made up of 15 various artists from rappers and producers to art directors and artists. The group was formed in 2015 by Texas native Kevin Abstract. To date they have released an All-American Trash EP followed by three albums released last year, Saturation, Saturation II and Saturation III. Brockhampton’s collective energy is palpable, as a growing fan base is listening to their development as it happens.

Moaning are a three-piece post-punk group from California currently on Sub Pop Records. Their debut album is out on March 2nd. The first release from the album ‘Artificial’ is fused with distorted guitar riffs and drowning vocals, setting a bold tone for the release.



Norwegian hypnotic-duo

Norwegian duo Smerz on XL Recordings released their debut track ‘Because’ back in 2016 since then they have produced a number of hypnotic electronic-pop tracks such as ‘No Harm’ and ‘Oh my my’. The name comes from the German word for heartbreak.


Soccer Mommy

Indie-rock bedroom-pop

20-year-old Nashville songwriter Sophie Allison has been building a reputation for her bedroom indie-pop music and has had online outlets touting her for success in 2018. “I don’t wanna be your f–king dog that you drag around,” Allison sings resolutely of a failing relationship on a preview single from her forthcoming album Clean, due in March.

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