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7 new Irish songs you should hear this week

7 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Luke Sharkey

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.


Maverick Sabre


Maverick Sabre - Drifting

Maverick Sabre has returned this week with the release of ‘Drifting’. The producer and singer has crafted a soulful alternative ballad, completed by the artist’s signature resonate vocal performance. Much credit is due to the production work on the track, with an infectious bassline and striking drum patterns acting as the song’s backbone. Accompanied by an evocative music video, directed by Hector Dockrill portraying a young man in an urban Dublin city, ‘Drifting’ is the strongest Irish release of the week.


Side 4 Collective ft.Farah Elle

Sand And Sails

Sand and Sails -Side 4 Collective feat. Farah Elle

Widely respected drummer Dave Hingerty, previously of the Frames, curated group of musicians The Side 4 Collective have released ‘Sand And Sails’, the newest single from their forthcoming debut album We Burn Bright. The track features vocals from Farah Elle, whose passionate delivery is an ideal complement to the Latin groove the song is built upon. Short and sweet at just two and a half minutes long, ‘Sand And Sails’ does exactly what a single is supposed to do. That is, leaving you wanting to hear more from the Side 4 Collective.


Little Butler


Little Butler - Streetlights [Official Video]

‘Streetlights’ is a downtempo folk tune from Irish singer-songwriter Little Butler. Taken from the artists’ forthcoming self-titled EP, it’s hard not to be moved by the overtly sweet tone and wholesome message behind the song. Simple yet effective, ‘Streetlights’ is a song full of hope. With some fantastic string accompaniment and warm piano chords underneath the vocal line, Little Butler hits all the right notes on the path to pulling the heartstrings on ‘Streetlights’.


Lű Tysky


Lű Tysky - Then (Official Music Video)

A little light heart surf rock now. Dublin alt-rock band Lű Tysky are no strangers to our Irish recommendation list. Their new single ‘Then’ is a straight-up earworm. Featuring silky smooth guitar lines and plenty of great Doo-Wop styled vocal harmonies. It’s sunny and carefree, but be careful not to miss out on lead singer Luke Carey’s sharp-tongued observations on romantic pursuits and even the odd observation on Dublin’s housing crisis.


Clare Regan

There Is A Place

Clare Regan - There Is A Place

An independent singer-songwriter from Cork, Clare Regan is featured on this week’s list for her latest single ‘There Is A Place’ and the fantastic video that accompanies it. Musically, the track is subtle and subdued. A lo-fi folk tune featuring a singer and her acoustic guitar. Regan’s vocal delivery is beautiful, half whispered and feeling like it’s being sung in person by someone only feet away. The video, featuring some superb dancing from Sinead Donnelly & Pearse O’Donoghue is the cherry atop the cake.


Somebody’s Child

Make You Alright
Time now for an exciting new prospect. Dublin-based indie act Somebody’s Child is seriously impressing with ‘Make You Alright’. It’s a recognisable sound, think acts like Islands or even a hint of the Lumineers, but done right. The track is held down by some bright guitars but finds plenty of character in the bombastic synth melody heard throughout the choruses. Take note now because you may very well be hearing more from Somebody’s Child in the near future.


Brian Deady

9 Cents & 2 Dollar$

Brian Deady - 9cents & 2 Dollar$

Brian Deady’s ‘9 Cents & 2 Dollar$’ is the afternoon pick me up you need right now. This unabashedly upbeat tune takes its inspiration from the blues, gospel and a healthy dose of a distinctly southern-American rock sound. The track is taken from Black Diamond, Deady’s new album due out on the 15th of September. The track certainly doesn’t lack lust for life, so treat yourself to a well-deserved endorphin rush.

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