, WATCH: WWWater plunges into the dark side of smartphone dependency on ‘Screen’

A compelling bit of audio-visual content for you now.

Belgian recording artist WWWater, featured on the site previously for her material under the name Charlotte Adigéry,  has released a video for her latest single ‘Screen’.

Hardcore and industrial tones make up the sound palette on this track, with a thundering bassline driving Adigéry’s often sinister vocal delivery. Fans of groups like Death Grips or Princess Nokia will find much to like here.

The inspiration behind the track comes from a traumatic experience Adigéry had with an ex-manager, who informed the artist that he had masturbated to photos she had put up on a social media platform.

The video, directed by Tina Herbots, is packed full of dystopian imagery, matching the themes of technological dependency and ego validation presented in the lyrics.