GavinDaVinci drops ‘Lemon’ video with Clerk 5 & Mankyy

Limerick-based Tipperary MC GavinDaVinci released a fine full-length in Superscumbagmode last September featuring the likes of Aswell, Tamara Hall, Citrus Fresh, Hazey Haze,Strange Boy, Outsider YP, Clerk 5 and Mankyy.

Alongside Hazey’s own Is Mise from earlier this year, ‘Sexx and Parties’ and the recent Who’s Asking Remix cut, it’s been a thrilling time to delve deep into Limerick, and by extension PX Music’s roster of acts.

‘Lemon’ is a song from Superscumbagmode about hurt and pain after the end of a relationship, split into 2 distinct parts – the first beat is by GavinDaVinci and the second is by Mankyy, with Clerk 5 featuring.

The video is made by Nrthrd, a producer and visual artist who runs the BIFB collective in Drogheda.

Gavin will be releasing a new EP very soon and is also one of 14 artists on our bill for Friday May 15th’s Mo’ov’us gig in Lost Lane.

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