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An Irish-Portugese festival due to take place this weekend is now an online event

An Irish-Portugese festival due to take place this weekend is now an online event

The PORT to PORT festival was conceived as a cross-border event to strengthen ties between Ireland and Portugal.

It was started by a collective of Cork people living in Lisbon called the Garden Collective to present music, art and poetry from both countries.

Obviously, with COVID-19 shutdowns worldwide, the two-day festival could no longer go ahead but it is now due to happen online this Saturday March 21st.

The event will start on Saturday afternoon and go into the night.

The online festival, aptly named PORT to PORT Connected, will consist of two main parts. First, a livestream that will feature a mix of artists streaming from their homes. And second, a “virtual festival” which walks people through how the festival could have been — this allows the team to showcase the up-and-coming artists who would have played and support what they are doing, an aspect of the festival that is very important to all the Garden Collective members.

The Port to Port Connected Live Stream will take place Saturday 21st March from early afternoon until late. A bit vague at the moment? Yes, because this is all happening on the fly. So far, the crew have several Irish and Portuguese musicians digging out cables, blowing dust off of keyboards and plugging in mics in order to get ready to join the craic.

Anybody interested can head over to or follow Garden Collective on social media @agardencollective, where they will be broadcasting across multiple platforms. Make sure not to miss it by signing up in advance via their website.

The Original Line-up (expect appearances on Saturday from below)

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