Anna Mieke & Myles O’Reilly collaborate in new music video for ‘Warped Window’


Something to soothe your soul this afternoon.

Wicklow native folk artist Anna Mieke has collaborated with director Myles O’Reilly in a new music video which captures a performance of Mieke’s ‘Warped Window’.

Captured in a dockyard somewhere in the capital, this intimate performance of a track from Mieke’s Idle Mind album is quietly brilliant.

The blending of audio from the performance and the sonic reaction of the space surrounding Mieke & co gives the video a sense of location and time. A moment captured in a quiet oasis just adjacent to the bedlam of city life.

‘Warped Window’ isn’t the first time Mieke and O’Reilly have worked together, they released a performance of ‘Idle Mind’ last November. You can watch that here.