, Arcade Fire make it 3/3 for Everything Now with ‘Signs Of Life’

Well, well. Arcade Fire are really kicking against the narrative that seems arena rock bands lose their appeal, charm and buzz.

So far, the singles from Everything Now have been pretty glorious. We’ve had the Abba-inspired ‘Everything Now’ that started a dance party last week at Body & Soul, the electro-grabbing ‘Creature Comfort’ and now, ‘Signs Of Life’, a song that feels like the most New York thing the band have ever done.

Street sirens herald handclaps that feel close to Blondie’s ‘Rapture’, drums that sound like they were tuned by DFA and there’s the DNA of Talking Heads in that rhythm. This makes their new album 3 for 3 for me so far. Don’t believe everything you read.

Everything Now is out July 28th.

Arcade Fire played an acoustic song & DJed in Whelan’s for their Malahide Castle afterparty last night