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Attention! Dry County

Attention! Dry County


Dry County

Another Irish band who I’m looking forward to releasing their debut album are Dry County. I’m a sucker for variety and this 4-piece mix it up enough to keep everything I’ve heard so far from them pretty solid. Listen to the songs on their Myspace for example.

“Lost Now” starts with a electronic beat / vocoder intro which segues into the kind of song which sounds like SOMETHING INTENSE IS HAPPENING. ‘Cept it works. A lovely understated slinking bass holds up the whispery vocals while the space-age vocoder pops back to say hello again. It’s 5 and a half minutes stuffed with ideas.

Things are kept equally eclectic on the recent single “Attention”. It’s a untrammeled slice of electro-indie at its finest complete with a shouty (but polite) gang of backup singers and intermittent electronic beats overlaying the acoustic drums. The bass player seems to be stuck on funky-bass-riff repeat (in a good way) and the tune ends with a James Murphy style percussive freakout. More of that please.

Dry County are releasing their debut album Unexpected Falls on the 4th of May through Lazybird. Check their Myspace for upcoming gigs.

Dry County – Attention


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