BARE in the Woods has gone from a one-day festival to a three day one and today, it’s revealed much of the lineup to come and it’s markedly different than the other Irish festival offerings for June 9th – 11th at Garryhinch Woods in Portarlington.

Headlining the main stages across three days are Canadian electro-pop artist Kiesza, 90s one-TWO-hit-wonders Right Said Fred, American Irish lads House of Pain, American alternative rock band Helmet followed by Rubberbandits, Jon Stevens (INXS), Mike Skinner & Murkage present Tonga, Whomadewho and Ham Sandwich.

Also announced across the weekend were The Frank & Walters RSAG, Dan Shake, Cinema, Damiano Von Eckert, Phare, Mr Beatnik, Josh McGowan, Brave Giant, Super Silly, Katie Laffin, Pranks, Sound of System Breakdown, Katie Cassidy and Emma Jai.

DJs include Orange Tree Edits, Adultrock, Quinton Campbell, Mix & Fairbanks, Lumo Club, The Early Shift, Four/Four, Bedlam, 045 Recordings, Long Island Sound and more.

Areas include the KOKO Burst Stage and Dance Arena a party island on a lake, chill out spots hidden amongst the trees and a full sized Crannog hosting the spoken word stage, which includes John Cummins, Ri Ra, David Jackson, Cormac Lally, Stuart Wilde, Tempermental Missy Elayneous and more, while the Comedy Stage will be headlined by Andrew Maxwell and Karl Spain.

BARE in the Woods is located only 50 minutes from Dublin and is accessible via motorway networks to all major Irish cities in under two hours. The site is located close to Portarlington railway station and serviced by Dublin Coach, with a 24-hour service to Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

Ticket info.

Posted on April 6th, 2017



My favourite songs of the past month. Get the majority of them as a continuous playlists below on Spotify and Soundcloud.

The top songs of the month

  1. Reykjavíkurdætur – ‘DRUSLA’
  2. Emmanuelle’s ‘Free Hifi Internet’
  3. Rusangano Family – ‘Heathrow’
  4. Grimes – ‘World Princess part II’
  5. Kiasmos – ‘Drawn’
  6. Bibio – ‘Petals’
  7. Disclosure –  ‘Magnets’ (Jon Hopkins remix)
  8. Brian Deady – ‘Clap Both My Hands’
  9. Mmoths – ‘Deu’
  10. Jaakko Eino Kalevi feat. Farao – ‘Everything Nice’ (Popcaan cover)
  11. Frances – ‘Borrowed Time’
  12. FaltyDL – ‘ Visceral’
  13. Hubie Davison – ‘Sanctified’
  14. Chris Power and Atari Jones – ‘Tales Of The Terrace’
  15. NAO – ‘Bad Blood’
  16. Floating Points – ‘Nespole’
  17. J.G. Wilkes – ‘Jaxon’
  18. Missy Elliott – ‘WTF (Where They From?)’ feat. Pharrell
  19. Banks – ‘Better’
  20. Cian Nugent – ‘Things Don’t Change That Fast’
  21. I Have A Tribe – ‘Medicine From Calgary’
  22. Cinema – ‘Trust The Feeling’
  23. Santigold – ‘Can’t Get Enough of Myself’
  24. Conor Walsh – ‘Quadrivium’
  25. Chinah – ‘Minds’
  26. Polica – ‘Lime Habit’
  27. Meltybrains? – ‘New Don’
  28. Sea Pinks – ‘Depth Of Field’
  29. Bagels – ‘To The End’
  30. Kiesza – ‘Give It To The Moment’ (Nozinja remix)

Listen on Spotify

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Artwork by Stephen Maurice Graham.


Best of 2014 : Albums | Songs | Readers Irish albums | Readers Irish songs | Remixes | Videos 


The pairing of music and visuals is something I’ve always enjoyed but the concept of a music video has obviously changed in the last ten years. There are of course, still concepts, themes, ideas, techniques and executions that lift a song into another realm but there’s also so much video content out there now, that there are plenty of live video and TV performances, vignettes, parodies, and short documentaries around music that did the same thing a music video is supposed to do: to put the artist in front of more people. Here are 20 of my favourite “music videos” of this year.

Hit page 3 for a Youtube playlist.

20. DJ Rashad – ‘She A Go’

Video by: Peter Greenless

The world sadly lost the Chicago footwork DJ Rashad this year to drugs. His music existed in a discombobulating place alongside his partner Spinn. This fan-video for ‘She A Go’ used stock video footage of office life to do the same thing constructing a hyper-real experience in the process.

19. Angel Olsen – ‘Hi-Five’

Video by: Zia Anger

The singer Angel Olsen returned with Burn Your Fire For No Witness, her second album, which had a throwback rock feel. Suitably, the video feels like its beamed from another time via its filmic cinematography and Olsen’s movements specifically are inspired by choreographed studio performances from female pop stars of old, of which the director said “were always so wild and psychedelic and humorous from afar. The more you watch them, the more wooden and awkward the performances become. There is a certain loneliness captured. The song ‘Hi-Five’ seems to contain the same sort of duality.”

18. Ibeyi – ‘River’

Video by: Ed Morris

The recent introduction of the Chromecast to the home entertainment system has meant more space and time for music videos on a larger screen. After seeing these girls perform at Other Voices last week, I watched this video again, noticing how the French-Cuban twins are held down by male hands under water, how they hold their breath for long periods of time, the dead-eyed stare and the on-time lip syncing at the centre of all of this deceptively simple concept.

17. Compassion Crew – ‘Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art’

Video by: Simon Landrein

Dance music can be a perfect vehicle for a wide-open music video narrative and Simon Landrein lets his animation and imagination run wild on a stylistic train journey full of suggestion to match the chugging rough house track from the Irish producer.

16. Clu – ‘Mirrors’

Video by: Kevin Freeney

The Dublin duo of Sean Cooley and Kevin A. Freeney, Clu, have always put their electronic music and visual work on a par and on ‘Mirrors’, they’ve nailed both. It’s a complementary collaboration that transcends a typical visual tacked on to music setup. The video directed by Freeney serves as a chassis for a potent mix of music (an amalgamation of bass / garage / post-dubstep) , visual (cinematic sumptuous imagery), interpretive dancing and colour that makes for an impressive display of art in total.

15. Katharine Phillippa – Live at TedX

Video by: TedXStormont

The Belfast-based musician performs two songs with the help of a loop station, a bow, a drum, a keyboard, a laptop and an author’s intensity that leaps through the screen.

14. John Grant – ‘Glacier’

Video by: Jubilee Starter

With the upcoming Marriage Referendum in May next year, single-sex marriage will go to a public vote. It’s an incremental attempt at recognising the rights of the people in this country and should pass because who are you or are I to say to someone – “no, you’re love is not the same as mine” or “no, your love is not valid” or “no, your love isn’t something to be celebrated or recognised.”

In that context, ‘Glacier’, a song from the gentle giant John Grant who has battled with his identity and control and who has been made to feel bad for who he is, eloquently addresses those struggling with their sexual identity – “This pain, it is a glacier moving through you, carving out deep valleys and creating spectacular landscapes,” goes the chorus.

The video serves as a brief history lesson of the journey for that recognition of gay rights over the years juxtaposing chronological footage of the American gay rights movement, newspaper headlines, and pop culture to leave you with a stirring narrative of the journey so far. Here you can donate to the Marriage Equality campaign for 2015.

13. Vic Mensa – ‘Down On My Luck’

Video by: Ben Dickinson at Ghost Robot.

There’s a wrong decision at every turn. This video shows the possibilities.

12. Ratking – ‘Canal’

Video by: Eric K

A video that simultaneously captures the grimey decay of New York City while making the trio look cool as fuck.

11. We Are Shining feat. Eliza Doolittle – ‘Killing’

Video by: unknown. Knife thrower: John Taylor. Dancer: Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus,

Can you watch this without losing your shit?

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Tracks of the Week playlist

Soundcloud link.

1. Hundred Waters – ‘Down From The Rafters’

I love this band so much and you should too and if not, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?

2. Kiesza – ‘Hideaway’

This video is so great, I’ve watched it a dozen times this week so I’m on board for the song too.

3. Jungle – ‘Busy Earnin’

The sound of the summer in February, now on XL. Could be a big year for these guys, especially considering their live show will have seven members. Doing it right.

4. Psychemagik – ‘Black Noir Schwarz’ (Mineo Remix)

It was a bummer to miss Psychemagik in Dublin a couple of weeks ago at Hidden Agenda. Their edits and remixes have given them a great rep. ‘Black Noir Schwarz’ is their new original single on Crosstown Rebel, quality dancefloor electro disco/funk. This is the Mineo remix (Ex Audio Bully Tom Dinsdale) of the single. There’s a Tensnake remix on the release too, out March 10th. This is a radio rip from Skream’s show.

5. Keni Burke – ‘Risin To The Top’

I don’t want this weekly playlist to be all new music, and this song, from the year I was born, 1982, has been on my person this week at DJ gigs and at home. The song has a smooth R&B feel but it’s all about that flute and bassline. It was sampled on Nas’ ‘Hey Nas’ and Medina Green’s track on the Soundbombing II compilation.

6. Sleep Thieves- ‘City Of Hearts’

The second track from Sleep Thieves’ forthcoming album You Want The Night showcases the Dublin group’s progression into more atmospheric electronic textures. Their last album lacked an identity, this one, will not.

7. Glass Animals – ‘Gooey’

As introduced today, this Oxford band have been around a while, but their new single has really captured the imagination.

8. Deadbots – ‘UFRST’

Dublin duo have a big-sounding deep electro-house tune on Ghent label Eskimo.

9. Four Tet + Terror Danjah – ‘Killer’

Solid dancefloor weapons is the name of Four Tet + Terror Danjah’s collaborative TEXT release. I prefer the A-side ‘Killer’ to the B-side ‘Nasty’, which is more like the harsh Beautiful Rewind stuff and is a good balance of both artists’ sound.

10. Taches – ‘Turn Of Phrase’

A big room tech-house tune from a London producer who usually favours more melodic music. This one is a shaker. It’s out on Nurvous Records now.

Posted on February 21st, 2014

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No not a Balkan version of Ke$ha, but a Canada via New York London-based singer Kiesza whose new single sounds like a big pop track but carries some house music and electro pop in its DNA. The video is equally “pop star” suitable with its low-budget but effectively song-serving choreography.

The video is directed by Kiesza, Ljuba Castot and Rami Samir Afuni.

The Hideaway EP is out on 13th April on Lokal Legend. Here’s the Gorgon City remix.

Posted on February 18th, 2014

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