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The top 10 tracks of the week

The top 10 tracks of the week

Tracks of the Week playlist

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1. Hundred Waters – ‘Down From The Rafters’

I love this band so much and you should too and if not, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?

2. Kiesza – ‘Hideaway’

This video is so great, I’ve watched it a dozen times this week so I’m on board for the song too.

3. Jungle – ‘Busy Earnin’

The sound of the summer in February, now on XL. Could be a big year for these guys, especially considering their live show will have seven members. Doing it right.

4. Psychemagik – ‘Black Noir Schwarz’ (Mineo Remix)

It was a bummer to miss Psychemagik in Dublin a couple of weeks ago at Hidden Agenda. Their edits and remixes have given them a great rep. ‘Black Noir Schwarz’ is their new original single on Crosstown Rebel, quality dancefloor electro disco/funk. This is the Mineo remix (Ex Audio Bully Tom Dinsdale) of the single. There’s a Tensnake remix on the release too, out March 10th. This is a radio rip from Skream’s show.

5. Keni Burke – ‘Risin To The Top’

I don’t want this weekly playlist to be all new music, and this song, from the year I was born, 1982, has been on my person this week at DJ gigs and at home. The song has a smooth R&B feel but it’s all about that flute and bassline. It was sampled on Nas’ ‘Hey Nas’ and Medina Green’s track on the Soundbombing II compilation.

6. Sleep Thieves- ‘City Of Hearts’

The second track from Sleep Thieves’ forthcoming album You Want The Night showcases the Dublin group’s progression into more atmospheric electronic textures. Their last album lacked an identity, this one, will not.

7. Glass Animals – ‘Gooey’

As introduced today, this Oxford band have been around a while, but their new single has really captured the imagination.

8. Deadbots – ‘UFRST’

Dublin duo have a big-sounding deep electro-house tune on Ghent label Eskimo.

9. Four Tet + Terror Danjah – ‘Killer’

Solid dancefloor weapons is the name of Four Tet + Terror Danjah’s collaborative TEXT release. I prefer the A-side ‘Killer’ to the B-side ‘Nasty’, which is more like the harsh Beautiful Rewind stuff and is a good balance of both artists’ sound.

10. Taches – ‘Turn Of Phrase’

A big room tech-house tune from a London producer who usually favours more melodic music. This one is a shaker. It’s out on Nurvous Records now.