Armagh band Silences last caught my attention with the dynamic song ‘There’s A Wolf’ last March and ‘Before Ten’, earlier this year.

Since then, the band started by the singer-songwriter Conchúr White has solidified into a five-piece unit with Christopher Harbinson, Breándan White, Jonathan Downing and Michael Keyes.

‘Red Dress’, their latest single moves their sound on nicely.

White said:

“‘It’s about wanting things that aren’t necessarily good for you and I think we are all guilty of that in some form. The entire track is a three chord loop but it doesn’t feel repetitive. We were meticulous about finding the right sounds and I think that comes through.

The track was recorded at Big Space Studios in Newry with Declan Legge, who has also recorded SOAK, Ciaran Lavery, and Duke Special.

Posted on May 10th, 2017


Armagh singer-songwriter Conchúr White and his band Silences have been writing songs of growing stature with each new release like last year’s ‘The Sea’ and ‘Sister Snow’.

‘There’s A Wolf’, from the band’s third EP Luna, marks a leap once again.

Produced by Declan Legge and Tommy McLaughlin, ‘There’s A Wolf’, going from a hushed folk acoustic track to a one that is the band’s brashest and most interesting yet.

"'There's A Wolf' is about the menace of nostalgia and how our minds can reinterpret our memories and feelings to make us miss something that we never cared that much for. "

Luna is released on April 15th.

Posted on March 14th, 2016


The Armagh band Silences were a recent pick at last year’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival. Their lilting folk song ‘Sister Snow’ was my way in.

Conchúr White, Christopher Harbinson, Breándan White, Jonathan Downing and Michael Keyes are back with a new song and they are gearing up for two shows at The Great Escape in Brighton next month.

‘The Sea’ has their sound reaching further than before, and sounding grander in the process:

White said this of the track’s lyrical content:

“Practicality cripples us. We consistently negotiate and compromise with our anxieties. The Sea pays homage to desire over fear. It is an amalgamation of everything we have learnt and signifies an advancement in both writing and production.”

Posted on April 8th, 2015


My favourite songs of the month. Get the majority of them as a continuous playlist on Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud

The chart

  1. Tiga – ‘Bugatti’
  2. Yumi Zouma – ‘Alena’
  3. Tei-Shi – ‘Bassically’
  4. Kleerup – ‘Let Me in’
  5. Dorian Concept – ‘The Few’
  6. Run The Jewels – ‘Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)
  7. Ghostface Killah & Badbadnotgood – ‘Gunshowers’
  8. Ekkah – ‘Last Chance To Dance’
  9. Lapsley – ‘Falling Short’
  10. GL – ‘Take Me Back’
  11. Caribou – ‘Mars’
  12. Gaze Is Ghost – ‘Revolvere’
  13. Talos – ‘Bloom’
  14. Jape – ‘The Heart’s Desire’
  15. Ibeyi – ‘River’
  16. Wildbirds & Peacedrums – ‘Keep Some Hope’
  17. Le Galaxie – ‘Carmen’
  18. Oh Wonder – ‘Shark’
  19. Aquilo – ‘Human’
  20. Silences – ‘Sister Snow’
  21. Tala – ‘Alchemy’
  22. Alunageorge – ‘Supernatural’
  23. Halos – ‘Dust’
  24. Bicep & Hammer – ‘Icebowl’
  25. Daniel Avery – ‘All I Need’ (Roman Flugel remix)
  26. Lethal Dialect x Jackknife-J –’26 Laws’ feat. Jess Kav
  27. Ta’East – ’72’10’
  28. Thrupence – ‘Silk’
  29. Mmoths – ‘Yago’
  30. Lakker – ‘Mountain Divide’

Posted on November 3rd, 2014


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See this page for a Soundcloud playlist of all the tracks.

1. Tiga – ‘Bugatti’


A novelty hit that is actually smartly-constructed.

One of those tunes that was hanging in the background smirking and voguing until last week, when a great music video dropped and the song couldn’t be ignored any longer. It even got its own Pusha T version, though Pusha appears to be turning into a bit of a Redman of the 90s for the alt-music game at the moment. Tiga, that cheeky Canadian chappy does much with little here, showing you can make a great novelty-sounding dumb club hit with serious musical smarts.

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Posted on October 28th, 2014

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Silences were one of my picks of the recent Hard Working Class Heroes lineup and the Armagh band have a new single and EP out. The band’s folk-leaning harmonic music is pleasing in its execution and ‘Sister Snow’ might be their best example yet.

EP on Bandcamp:

Performing at Other Voices in Derry last year:

Posted on October 21st, 2014



From Thursday to Saturday this week, seven venues will be occupied by 104 Irish bands playing the Hard Working Class Heroes festival playing to music fans, interested parties, industry delegates, bands, friends and all sorts. There are free daytime gigs, a convention in the Liberties speed sessions, panels, tech companies, talks and much much more. Tickets are €20 per day or €45 for the three days. It’s one of my favourite weekends in Dublin of the year. There’s a great buzz about.

Here are 18 new bands to see this weekend, I kept it strictly to bands that have not released a debut album yet. Enjoy.

Thursday | Friday | Saturday

1. Rusangano Family


Energetic talented Limerick rap trio.

Thursday October 2 – 10pm @ The Button Factory

Anyone who witnessed these two Limerick MCs (Murly goes untitled for now) live and producer John Lillis, like last Friday night’s Minimum Maximum Block-T show has felt the relentless energy of their music: an all-moving, all-interacting proper show. Plus, they have released one of the best Irish albums this year too.

2. Planet Parade


Kildare band return with a rich new sound

Thursday October 2 – 8.45pm @ Meeting House Square

Michael Hopkins and Andrew Lloyd played their first gig in four years with four band members last Friday with us and  showcased a new sound that traced a line between electronics and indie with rich songcraft and confident style. They used to sound more like The Police, now they sound more like they’re own thing.

3. Dear Desert


Dublin emotive pop purveyors.

Thursday Oct 2 – 10pm @ The Workman’s Club / 14:00 @ NDRC, In The City

A new band formed from Futures Apart and Hush War Cry, the two songs so far featuring production from Darragh Nolan have suggested an elegance and a quality in the arrangement and songwriting of these Wild Beasts-style ’80s throwback synth pop tracks. ‘Give It Up’ is a particularly exciting track.

4. Voids


Ambient bass-toned duo from Galway

Thursday Oct 2 – 8pm @ The Workman’s Club / 1:30pm @ HMV Henry Street

This Galway duo make ambient electronic music with cold tones from a warm instrument, a bass guitar and the singer Alison’s icy voice. Their new EP Begin came out last week on High Society.

5. The Academic


Mullingar indie-pop band on the up

Thursday Oct 2 10.40 @ Bad Bob’s

Four Mullingar school-friends with a penchant for pop hooks and charming indie-rock music. They’re on the way up, this weekend is a good time to catch them.

6. Atriums


Baldoyle singer-songwriter

Thursday Oct 2 10.40 @ Bad Bob’s / 1pm @ Jo Burger

Dublin singer Gavin Farrell is still in early days but citing Perfume Genius and Youth Lagoon as two influences on his bedroom folk pop has me intrigued. He’s just released his debut EP tell me we both matter, don’t we?

Thursday | Friday | Saturday

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Posted on October 3rd, 2014


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