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Banter & Eventbrite: How To Get Sponsorship + How To Keep It panel

Banter & Eventbrite: How To Get Sponsorship + How To Keep It panel


For anyone interested in putting on events, Eventbrite have teamed up with Jim Carroll’s Banter series for a panel discussion exploring how to get and keep sponsorship on Wednesday evening at 6pm in Teeling’s Whiskey to coincide with a photography exhibition running today til – April 17th, that with an emphasis on free events that have taken place in Ireland since the formation of the state from the archives at The Irish Times, The RTÉ Archive, Getty, Flickr and the Irish Photo Archive.

The exhibition aims to highlight a “the role free events play in providing access to cultural experiences for everyone, alongside having a unifying effect on communities, large and small”, Banter will host a talk around the topic of event sponsorship.

The Banter discussion will look at the subject of sponsorship from the organiser’s point of view and the sponsors, and look at topics like getting and keeping sponsorship, what sponsors look for, pitching, keeping integrity, managing multiple sponsors and some real examples of good and bad scenarios.

Register for the talk here.

The panel includes:

• Colin Hart, Founder & Creative Director of The Public House. (Sponsor’s perspective)
• Sam Bishop, Manager of Happenings + Founder of Street Feast + Granby Park. (Perspective of an organiser working on small to medium scale projects)
• Aine O’Mahony, Marketing and Event Management Consultant. Projects that she has led on include, The Galway Oyster Festival, Volvo Ocean Race, The Tall Ships Races Festival, St. Patricks’s Festival plus much more. (Perspective of an organiser working on large scale projects).

You can also register for the photography exhibition which puts you in the draw to win one of the images.