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Benny Smiles returns with the yearning uplifting ‘When We Touch’

Benny Smiles returns with the yearning uplifting ‘When We Touch’

It’s the little things that matter most in isolation that we miss. A handshake, a hug, a small touch from a friend or partner.

London-based Irishman Ross Fortune’s return to his Benny Smiles synthwave project (which birthed this sprightly jam back in 2012 along with tracks featuring vocalists Niamh Farrell of Ham Sandwich and Sorca McGrath of Ships) arrives tomorrow in the form of ‘When We Touch’, an instrumental that chimes in title and tone in these COVID times.

At once yearning, nostalgic and uplifting, the track has us thinking of good times past and future. Fortune says the synth in the track is a nod to “A Real Hero” by Electric Youth & College, from the Drive (2012) movie soundtrack, a key influence on Fortune’s retrofuturistic electronic music.

‘When We Touch’ is the first track from a forthcoming EP called Fearless Leadership.

Benny’s latest material follows a period of focus on his work in studio engineering, building his knowledge of old school recording techniques and equipment in some legendary recording studios, and learning first hand from some of the world’s most renowned record producers, songwriters, and artists. Having cultivated a collection of vintage analogue synthesisers and audio processors along the way, he now returns with a newfound appreciation for sonics, analogue imperfection, and the soul that lives in electronic instruments.

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