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Bitch Falcon – ‘TMJ’

Bitch Falcon – ‘TMJ’

Bitch Falcon were one of the recipients of some studio time of the recent Guinness Amplify campaign, given to some of the bands who participated in gigs and who were chosen by judges for recording ( Bitch Falcon were one of my choices).

‘TMJ’ is the direct result of that recording. The 5-minute song goes hard on a grunge-rock sound with vocalist Lizzie Fitzpatrick bringing the raucous energy on a song whose title references Temporomandibular joint, the part of your face which, let’s you move your jaw. Perhaps abundant plays of ‘TMT’ can lead to excessive teeth-clenching and grinding? You were warned! The song is released digitally on Wednesday.

Upcoming dates for Bitch Falcon

Knockanstockan – The Burrow – 10pm Friday 24th
Animal Fest – Fibbers Magees – 7th & 8th of August




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