New Blood Bros ’80s action movie mixtape – Heaven 2 Hell

Oh Em Geeeee you guys. While everyone is depressing you even more with talk of Blue Monday, what better way to get pumped up on steroid-assisted Arnie-sized adrenalin than another Blood Bros ’80s action movie mixtape?? THERE IS NO BETTER WAY.

This sequel mixtape by Blood Bros aka DJA & Dirty South Joe promises even more ’80s movie song cheese and histrionics with songs from Scarface, Top Gun, Gareth Marenghi’s Dark Place, Thrashin’, Rocky IV, Footloose and more. There will be a trilogy…

Will our heroes survive the ultimate challenge and make it out alive?! Put this mix on and remind yourself to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT AND STARE DOWN YOUR DEMONS!

Download: Blood Bros: Heaven2Hell by maddecent

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