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Blooms – ‘Lust’

Blooms – ‘Lust’


Now that we know that Blooms is the work of Louise Cunanne with production from Sacred Animals’ Darragh Nolan, some more information has come out. Cunanne will be moving back to London soon and she’s working on a Blooms live show. New track ‘Lust’ feels more like an atmospheric segue-way track than previous songs ‘Skin’ and ‘If I’ but the collaboration is definitely producing something of its own sonic world. Which is nice.

“Lust is the opening track of “If” because Lust consumes you, Lust takes over your mind before your heart has a chance to catch up. It’s a hard feeling to ignore and can catapult you into something you’re not ready for. The rest of the EP is about dealing with giving into those feelings and what happens when they turn to love and to heartbreak.”

‘Lust’ will feature on the upcoming EP on Dusk Dais Dawn.

Meanwhile, SertOne remixed ‘Skin’: