Yes Cadets -  new EP 'Le Mans'

I’ve had a bit of soft spot for Yes Cadets since seeing them in their hometown of Belfast in the Oh Yeah Centre one Halloween. They released a few songs a couple of years back with ‘Canada’ and ‘Fashionista Art Party’ standouts from that earlier material. The band have been doing well of late, picking up distribution with Rough Trade and releasing via German label Humming Records.

‘Le Mans’ finds the band’s sparkled reverbed guitar sound in full effect with crisp high cascading guitar notes and is the lead track from their new EP out next month. It’s a standout on the EP too and is backed with a trio of remixes from Foxkit, Philip Fuchs and Guillemots. All of them are particularly tasty. Listen below.

Yes Cadets – ‘Le Mans’ (free download):

Yes Cadets – ‘Le Mans’ (Philip Fuchs remix):

Yes Cadets – ‘Le Mans’ (Foxkit remix):

Yes Cadets – ‘Le Mans’ (Guillemots remix):

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