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Caz9 releases video for ‘Diamond Sky’ – an ode to a cousin who passed away

Caz9 releases video for ‘Diamond Sky’ – an ode to a cousin who passed away

Caz9 has released her first song since 2022’s ‘Waiting On You’.

That song was dropped a week before the producer, artist, singer had her first child, and was about standing up for yourself.

This new single ‘Diamond Sky’ stays on a personal topic, with the gentle synth pop song,

The song was recorded in 2021 the day Caz found out she was in fact, pregnant, and was recorded the Clinic Studios with David Anthony Curley (The Cope) as co-producer.

I wrote the track during the pandemic as a way to process the grief of losing my cousin Glen, who was older than me and a musician. He was a big influence on me as I was growing up and starting to write songs, we would talk about music for hours, share our songs with each other and jam all night in his garage. He was an absolute music nerd, and we shared an obsession with pop music especially. 

We were the only musicians in our family, and our mums are twins – our connection felt more like siblings then cousins, and without him I’m not sure if I would have had the confidence to pursue music when I was younger and starting out. 

Watch the video here:

Filmed & Edited by Nicholas Whelan.

More about Diamond Sky:

Diamond Sky was one of those rare songs that came to me as a pretty fully fledged track all in one very quick session. It seemed to pour out of me all in one go. I started with the arpeggiated synth loop, building moody lower synth lines and bulking it out with pads and drones. As I wrote the vocal parts, a melodic synth line emerged as the chorus hook. In a way the song was more about a feeling, a yearning, a sense that something is missing, and so it felt natural that there wasn’t a sung chorus, that there was more room in the track instead. 

Once I had the demo ready I sent it over to my amazingly talented buddy Danni Nolan (Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra) to put some live drums on it which really brought it to life. While I was writing it, I wanted to honour my roots and in doing so honour Glen by using organic instruments on the track, so I started with the drums. Once the song was pretty much finished, I headed into The Clinic Recording Studios with David Anthony Curley (The Cope) who is an amazing producer and synth specialist. We got Danni in to record the drums, laid down the vocals and added loads of insane hardware synths and pads in studio, as well as piano and some acoustic guitar low in the mix. 

Nic and myself headed up the Wicklow Mountains to shoot the video – I was actually about 4 months pregnant at the time. We were looking for golden hour, so we were under a lot of time pressure to get all of our shots in a short window. The idea of the video is really a dream sequence, where I am trying to escape the darker version of myself that seems to be behind me wherever I go. I feel like we all have demons we are trying to out run, and some of us struggle more than others. 

My hope is that anyone who is struggling can take comfort in the track, and be reminded that things can get easier, things can change, and that there is light to be found, even when you can’t see it.

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