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Celaviedmai teams up with Nealo on the laid-back ‘Questions’

Celaviedmai teams up with Nealo on the laid-back ‘Questions’

The Galway rapper Celaviedmai is one of the best new MCs out of Ireland in recent times and it’s great to hear new music from her.

‘Questions’ is the followup to ‘Reckless’, which in contrast to that hard rap banger is a more laid-back track with Nealo dropping in for a verse. The song addresses the “overwhelming feelings of rejection, fear, self worth, self doubt and the anxiety from the pressures of the world.”

“This song was an outlet of exactly how I felt in that moment, also probably how other people feel sometimes. We all get thousands of thoughts everyday, and sometimes we can be a prisoner in our own minds and feel alone even when surrounded by people. The key is go towards what scares you and to not give up! Which is also why Nealo was the perfect collaboration for this song, his story is fearless!” – Celaviedmai

An EP is due out later in 2020.

Celaviedmai also had a feature on Drogheda-based singer-songwriter Alicia Raye’s new song ‘Love Wins’ too.