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Silverbacks tease July release of album FAD with ‘Up The Nurses’

Silverbacks tease July release of album FAD with ‘Up The Nurses’

Silverbacks have been teasing tracks from their upcoming announced July 17th-released debut album Fad of late.

“Up The Nurses’ is our latest taste from the album, and shows a different side to the band with bassist Emma Hanlon taking lead vocals on a song that sounds a bit like The Breeders and is inspired by Blondie and new wave music.

Says Hanlon:

 “I love Blondie and Kilian overheard me singing along to them one night. A few days later he surprised me with our very own new wave jam ‘Up The Nurses’.  The song talks about “amour fou” (“mad love”) and the unwanted adoration someone receives for the care they’re giving someone.”

Watch the video for the song, in which “two amateur radio enthusiasts help an astronaut return to his galaxy queen. We all had a basic tin foil spec and story to work from and everyone then shot their individual parts. It’s loosely inspired by Be Kind Rewind and their resourcefulness.”

The album was recorded with producer Daniel Fox (Girl Band bassist and talented producer in his own right) and features previous singles ‘Dunkirk’, ‘Just In The Band’ and ‘Pink Tide’, tracklist is below.

Silverbacks – Fad tracklisting

1. Dunkirk
2. Pink Tide
3. Drink It Down
4. Fad ’95
5. Dud
6. Klub Silberrücken
7. Travel Lodge Punk
8. Just In The Band
9. Grinning At The Lid
10. Muted Gold
11. Up The Nurses
12. Madra Uisce
13. Last Orders