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Death Grips mark WARP Records 30th anniversary with new 30 minute mixtape

Sacramento experimental hip-hop outfit Death Grips surprise released, not for the first time either, a new 30 -minute project over the weekend.

GMAIL AND THE RESTRAINING ORDERS is 30 odd minute mixtape of new, unreleased and remixed Death Grips material. The mixing is considerably rawer than what featured on Year Of The Snitch. The overall effect makes a lot of the songs sound like internet remixes of low-quality MP3 files. Some of MC Rides vocals are barely audible; pitched, skewed and distorted past recognition.

While it’s not as carefully curated and fully realised as projects like The Money Store, it’s fantastic to hear the group delve back into their noisy, experimental roots – even if it just is for a once off side project.

GMAIL AND THE RESTRAINING ORDERS was released to mark iconic English electronic label WARP Record’s 30th birthday.

The mixtape is not available on streaming services as of yet, it wouldn’t be the first DG project to end up scattered across the internet.

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