Three and a half years later, the Nialler9 Podcast has been revived from the dead and appropriately, the second episode arrives at Halloween time so the theme is synthesizers in all their spooky John Carpenter-inspired glory, unsettling rhythms and Samhain disco.

Download: Nialler9 At Night Podcast #2: Halloween Synths

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  1. Sylk – Am I Alone
  2. The SM Corporation – Hammer
  3. NA – B Storm
  4. Mathman – Asylum
  5. VHS Head – Red Lens Effect
  6. Death Grips – Guillotine
  7. Symmetry – Blod Sport
  8. Mike Simonetti – The Magician
  9. Pye Corner Audio – We Have Visitors
  10. Enya – Boadicea
  11. Psyche – The Saint Became A Lush
  12. Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing
  13. Goblin – Tenebre
  14. Daphni – Vulture
  15. Forbidden Fruits – Disco Halloween
  16. Yvonne Gage – Doin It In a Haunted House
  17. Charlie –  Space Woman
  18. Not Waving & Marie Davidson – Where Are We
  19. Dat Oven – Icy Lake
  20. Suicide – Rocket USA
  21. John Carpenter – Escape From New York
  22. Oneohtrix Point Never & Iggy Pop – The Pure & The Damned

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Posted on October 28th, 2017


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Death Grips will be back in Dublin on Thursday October 13th for a gig at The Academy.

Tickets on sale this Thursday at 9am from Ticketmaster priced €22.50 + fees // Over 18s show // I.D required.

Death Grips have been even more active since they “disbanded” in 2014. They’ve just released their fifth album Bottomless Pit.

Posted on August 2nd, 2016



Well, things that burn brightly often burn out quickly.

Death Grips have posted a message onto their Facebook page that effectively announces the end of the band.

we are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. we have officially stopped. all currently scheduled live dates are canceled. our upcoming double album “the powers that b” will still be delivered worldwide later this year via Harvest/Third Worlds Records. Death Grips was and always has been a conceptual art exhibition anchored by sound and vision. above and beyond a “band”. to our truest fans, please stay legend.

Here’s the first part of that album, released earlier last month:

Posted on July 3rd, 2014


As is their M.O. at this point, Death Grips released Niggas On The Moon. Each of the album’s eight tracks features Björk, in some unspecified capacity, mostly providing mangled vocals it seems. The sound of the record is the group’s trademark’s abrasive digi-punk.

The album available as a free download, is the first instalment of a double album, called The Powers That B.

Since not playing ball and subsequently, being dropped from their label Epic Records, Death Grips have been in label limbo but interestingly, Harvest Records is listed as the release label for this. Maybe part two, Jenny Death, is an official release?

First listen highlights are ‘Black Quarterback’, ‘Big Dipper’ and ‘Say Hey Kid’.

Posted on June 9th, 2014

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Still the most visceral guttural band around, Death Grips just released a video for their No Love Deep Web album highlight ‘No Love’. This shit still bangs. This time in off-kilter 3D.

Posted on February 14th, 2014


Here’s video proof of why Death Grips’ Boiler Room SXSW show was one of my best of the festival. Their 32 minute set was delivered from the middle of a warehouse and it was a gut punching thrilling set which featured giant pills, MC Ride goading and inciting the audience in his rapid lunatic style, Zach Hill playing live over Skype (at least it looked/felt like it was live) and Flatlander running the show behind two big iMacs. And those big goggles? We’ve already seen the footage of that with the ‘Lock Your Hands’ video. April 29th in Whelan’s (now sold out) is going to be something else.

In a post on Hypebot I read yesterday, Robin Davey lamented the current state of the SXSW music industry festival:

And this was the problem with SXSW, everything was too preplanned, every secret show careful scripted and sponsored, and no publicity opportunity missed.

The Boiler Room performance was announced while many were in Austin for the festival a couple of days before and despite Boiler Room getting Ray Ban on board to make this Warehouse gig happen (it also featured Lunice, Skream, Baauer, Mount Kimbie and RL Grime), Death Grips’ set still felt punk as fuck in the face of all the above. That’s just how they roll.

Posted on April 4th, 2013



Photo by James Goulden.

Photo by James Goulden.

…and some not so good ones ones.

When I’m asked why I go to Austin for South By Southwest, the answer is basically: to see as many new bands as possible. The festival features over 2000 bands playing over 10 days so I try take in as much as I can. You can see/read myself, Una Mullally, Finian Murphy and 45 Sound’s SXSW coverage over at Red Bull Ireland including some video interviews and sessions.And pick up Day & Night on Friday for an interview from SXSW with Little Green Cars from myself. On with the good stuff…

The 20 best bands I saw at SXSW 2013 →

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Posted on March 21st, 2013


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A lot has happened since Death Grips cancelled last year’s show in Academy 2 in Dublin. The band released No Love Deep Web for free download, scrapped with their label Columbia over the release and were eventually, unsurprisingly dropped. But no other Irish date was forthcoming until now.

Good news then. Death Grips play Whelan’s on April 29th. Tickets are on sale priced at €15 plus fees on Wednesday morning at 9am. Well, that will be worth attending.

Posted on February 18th, 2013



In a move that might surprise no-one, Death Grips just released their second album of the year onto the web for free download, leaking it ahead of a release by their label Epic/Sony and apparently again their wishes. No Love Deep Web was posted by the band this morning with tweets explaining that “The label wouldn’t confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB ’till next year sometime’ / The label will be hearing the album for the first time with you.”

The album is a 13-song collection of hard, electronic rap as you’ve come to expect from Death Grips and 2011’s Ex-Military and this year’s The Money Store, but with deeper focus on bass and minimal arrangements. 2012, you have your punk-rock album of the year and the method (and penis-featuring album cover) to match. No fucks given.

Download link / Youtube / Direct.

Posted on October 1st, 2012


Whatever about Death Grips cancelling European gigs in order to record their second album a few weeks after releasing their first one, The Money Store, of the year, if the tracks are anything as good as this, we’ll be heavily compensated. Death Grips are the reminder that most of the music you listen to lacks balls. Sometimes you just need something loud. Ready for the gut punch?

Download from the Kia/Adult Swim Singles Programme.

Posted on September 12th, 2012