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Live: DOOM at The Button Factory, Dublin

Live: DOOM at The Button Factory, Dublin


Let’s start with the facts. A 45 minute set. Nearly 90 minutes late on stage. €33 a ticket (plus fees). Was it worth it?

Yeh probably. DOOM has always been number one on my list of rappers to witness live. Most people knew about the no-shows, the imposters, the possibility that getting your money’s worth was not on the table, but it was DOOM’s first time in Ireland and how could it be missed? The 45 minutes we got last night was really enjoyable for me – just to hear his voice in the same room was nearly enough. His breathless, non-stop flow cemented the deal as he went through songs from Madvillainy, Viktor Vaughn, MM..Food, Born Like This, Operation: Doomsday including ‘Rhymes Like Dimes’, ‘America’s Most Blunted’, ‘Accordion’, ‘All Caps’, ‘Ballskin’, ‘One Beer’, ‘Meatgrinder’ , ‘Hoe Cakes’, and ‘Change The Beat’ amongst others.

The less said about bringing girls up on stage, the “DJ”, the visuals not working the better. Overall, what we got.. was a killer 45 minute performance – shame about either side of that time period.

Was it worth it though? Yeh probably but just this once Supervillain. A lot of people were way more pissed off than my deliberately low expectations allowed.

Photos by Sara Devine.
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