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Dopplereffekt – ‘Gene Silencing’

Dopplereffekt – ‘Gene Silencing’


Detroit outfit Dopplereffekt have been long active. While the origins and biography of the group are somewhat unknown, the group have made electro in various forms since 1995 with a gap from 1999 to 2003 or so before resuming to making music again. The core member is Gerald Donald and Kim Karli is supposedly currently involved. The latest from the purported duo is the Tetrahymena EP on Leisure System, a three-track collection of ambient cold waveforms with ‘Zygote’, hard-pulsing electro in ‘Tetrahymena’ and minimal wave-style electro with my standout ‘Gene Silencing’. Get a listen to all three below but start with ‘Gene Silencing’.

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