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Dublin producer Moving Still reimagines childhood scents on With Oud EP

Dublin producer Moving Still reimagines childhood scents on With Oud EP

You may remember Dublin producer Moving Still, we recently premiered his ‘Bas Asma3 Mini’ edit.

Now the artist has a new EP With Oud on dance label Nail Shop.

The EP showcases Moving Still’s signature lo-fi house sound, one which the artist uses to highlight his Saudi heritage – a theme prevalent in his work so far.

Here’s what the artist had to say on the work.

“The concept behind the EP is based on the “oud” fragrance. I grew up surrounded by that smell, and as I got older it just became a part of me – a nostalgic reminder of where I grew up. I made these songs with that scent in mind, and the inspiration I felt took me to a whole new level. I sometimes set myself challenges to write music to a certain theme, and the oud theme was very hard to let go of, as it has so many memories and elements to it. I hope this release brings people on a fragrant journey.

I have used music as a way of getting me through my PhD, and never thought in a million years I would get to submit my PhD thesis and have two releases at the same time. It’s fairly mental. This EP is basically my journey culturally and emotionally and it has helped me realise that embracing my Arabic side doesn’t make me any less Irish.”

Dance fans will find so much to enjoy in the crisp production and lush melodies on this four track beauty. Still samples plenty of Arab sound palettes and textures to really give the EP a unique identity. Our personal favourite is the disco orientated ‘Waneet’.

You can order a limited 12″ copy of With Oud on the Nail Shop’s Bandcamp page.

A launch show happens on March 15th.

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