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Irish dance promoters call meeting to talk the future of clubbing this Wednesday

Irish dance promoters call meeting to talk the future of clubbing this Wednesday

Dublin club promoters have issued an open invite to club operators, managers and promoters to get together this Wednesday evening at 6pm in Dublin to discuss the Irish club and music scene and how we can look at improving it in terms of licensing, venue landscape.

With the closure of large clubs District 8 and Hangar both imminent and with smaller clubs and mid-sized ones not being replaced, the people behind the Give Us The Night campaign are hoping to get those who work in the industry talking more about what could be done to improve it.

We will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, January 31st next (at 6pm) in Dublin city centre, to discuss the state of the Irish nightclub industry and music scene, and to gauge how we as a group can help to improve it. Much has changed in the last few years; while big venues and events have enjoyed a golden period, small to mid-sized clubs have struggled under the high cost of running nights that last just 3-4 hours. Some of our best venues will soon be demolished while the nightclub owners association, the INIA, has dissolved, which all in all leaves us at an important crossroads. We are particularly calling on venue operators, promoters and managers, to meet with us next Wednesday. If you can’t make it, please try to send someone in your place. We know that there are many people living outside of Dublin who can’t attend, but don’t worry, this won’t be the last meet-up that we will be having soon. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to info [at], and we will send you the full details.

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