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Feist shares her new single ‘Pleasure’

Feist shares her new single ‘Pleasure’

It was 2011, when Leslie Feist released Metals and 2007 when her breakthrough record The Reminder was released to the world, 13 since her debut Let It Die.

Today we have news of a new Feist album, Pleasure, and it’s first single, out April 28th via Polydor Records.

According to the press release, her first album in six years “reflects on secrets and shame, loneliness and tenderness, care and fatigue and is at its core a study on self-awareness”.

It was recorded over three months in Stinson Beach, Upstate New York, and Pari, Pleasure was co-produced by Feist and her longtime collaborators Renaud Letang and Mocky. “The album threads her shape-shifting and often haunting vocals into sparse and raw arrangements.”

‘Pleasure’ is a sparse howl with growling guitars and space. It’s reminiscent of PJ Harvey’s early work.


1. Pleasure
2. I Wish I Didn’t Miss You
3. Get Not High, Get Not Low
4. Lost Dreams
5. Any Party
6. A Man Is Not His Song
7. The Wind
8. Century
9. Baby Be Simple
10. I‘m Not Running Away
11. Young Up

Feist - I Feel It All

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