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Fiction Peaks – ‘Before the End’

Fiction Peaks – ‘Before the End’

Every now and again, the Dublin five-piece band Fiction Peaks pop up with a song that sometimes sounds a bit indie, a bit country or a bit electronic. They have released three EPs to date with another just released today.

While they’ve been active since 2013, they are getting around to releasing a debut album called Citizen on Friday 21 April and a new two-tracker featuring ‘Before The End’ and ‘Jinx’ is now on Bandcamp.

‘Jinx is on the indie side of the spectrum while A-side ‘Before the End’ is a laidback-sounding orchestral indie song.

The video directed by Colm Giles takes inspiration from the Spanish Civil War and its parallel to 2017.

Fiction Peaks - Before The End

“My take on ”Before The End” was to make an artistic observation of the times we are living in. I did this by looking at elements of the Spanish Civil War – showing ordinary people fighting against fascism. With the current subtle rise of the far right, and populist politics, mistakes of the past can be repeated if we don’t all pay attention”

Fiction Peaks are:

Joey Doyle – Voice/Guitar/Sampler
Brian Giles – Guitar
Cillian Kenny – Bass Guitar/Trumpet
Barry Lyons – Backing Vocals/Synth
Joáo Francisco – Drums

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