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Girl Band – ‘De Bom Bom’

Girl Band – ‘De Bom Bom’

Clearly releasing one of the best songs this country has produced this year wasn’t enough. Girl Band have followed up their 7-minute abrasive monster with a three minute song called ‘De Bom Bom’ which revels in its slithery industrial rhythm, an effect that comes across like Daft Punk’s ‘Rollin & Scratchin’ made with fingers hurting strings rather than pressing keys.

There’s a no wave lean to the drums of the track and singer Dara Kiely belches incoherently over it all that is similar in the way that (walks softly) Kurt did, at Nirvana’s most garage-rock jam moments. Ugly fantastic.

The song is released on Any Other City on 7″ with a cover of Beat Happening’s ‘I Love You’ on its B-side.

Tour dates

19 Sept – Joe Lees, Tullamore (+ Spies)
20 Sept – – International guitar festival, Clonakilty, Cork
26 Sept – Kasbah Social Club, Limerick (+ Spies)
27 Sept — The Button Factory, Dublin (+ Cian Nugent)
9 Oct – Roisin Dubh, Galway (+ Spies)
10 Oct – The Spirit Tour, Dundalk (+ Spies)
16 Oct – Shapes, London UK
17 Oct – Night & Day, Manchester UK
18 Oct – Venue tbc, Cork

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