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Girl Band – ‘Pears For Lunch’

Girl Band – ‘Pears For Lunch’

Gilla Band - Pears for Lunch

Just a few weeks on from ‘Paul’, Girl Band are here to freak out your Thursday with a new video by serial collaborator Bob Gallagher for ‘Pears For Lunch’ from the band’s forthcoming LP Holding Hands With Jamie (25th September, Rough Trade).

“In a way the Pears video continues a theme from ‘Paul’, the idea of wearing one face that is at odds to how you actually feel. In this case it’s more about aspiration towards a paradigm of self-improvement or fulfillment. There’s this idea that if you present an image of yourself that people buy into, you might actually become that person.

I think especially online we’ve become very sophisticated editors of our own lives. We document everything and then edit it into a digestible feed of the personality we want other people to think we have. We sort of curate ourselves for other people to observe. There’s an honesty to the song that’s very stark, and it’s a refreshing when most of the time we’re just presenting the best possible versions of ourselves to everyone around us.

I thought it would be funny to have a character who selectively expresses themselves through ads, and stock footage that are supposed to represent ideals, the perfect couple, body etc. Ads are so emotionally manipulative that I liked the idea that you could thread together all the phoney emotions to give a character some personality. He’s kind of liar in that regard, but so are the rest of us a lot of the time. ”

Some more background about the album from the recent NME interview

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